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Roberta Cowell

Roberta Elizabeth Marshall Cowell was a racing driver and World War II fighter pilot. She was... more »

Roberto Bonomi

Roberto Wenceslao Bonomi Oliva was a racing driver who took part in one Formula One World... more »

Roberto Colciago

Roberto Colciago is a racing driver from Saronno, Italy. He has spent most of his career in... more »

Roberto González

Roberto González Valdez was a Mexican Champ Car driver from Monterrey. He competed briefly in... more »

Roberto Guerrero

Roberto José Guerrero Isaza is a former racing driver from Colombia. He participated in 29... more »

Roberto Mieres

Roberto Casimiro Mieres was a racing driver from Mar del Plata, Argentina. He participated in 17... more »

Roberto Moreno

Roberto Pupo Moreno, usually known as Roberto Moreno and also as Pupo Moreno, is a racing driver... more »

Roberto Ravaglia

Roberto Ravaglia is a former auto racing driver, who currently runs ROAL Motorsport, who operate... more »

Robin Miller

Robin Lee Miller is an American motorsports journalist. He was an Indy car pit crew member and... more »

Robin Montgomerie-Charrington

Robin "Monty" Montgomerie-Charrington was a British racing driver from England. He took up 500cc... more »

Robin Widdows

Robin Michael Widdows is a British former racing driver from England. He participated in Formula... more »

Rocky Moran

Rocky Moran, Sr. is a retired American race car driver. Moran, Sr. started three Indianapolis... more »

Rod Anderson

Rod Anderson is a race car driver born in Australia. His racing career started in the 1980s... more »

Rod Hall

Rod Hall is an off-road racer. He was inducted in the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2005... more »

Rod Millen

Rodney K. "Rod" Millen is a racing competitor, vehicle designer, and business owner. He has... more »

Rodger Ward

Rodger M. Ward was an American racecar driver who won the 1959 and 1962 Indianapolis 500. He... more »

Rodney Childers

Rodney Childers is an American NASCAR Sprint Cup Series crew chief. He is currently employed at... more »

Rodney Combs

Rodney Combs is a former NASCAR driver. He has not been in NASCAR since 1997, when he was... more »

Rodney Nuckey

Rodney Nuckey was a British racing driver from England. He started in 500cc Formula 3. He... more »

Rodney Orr

Rodney Bryan Orr was an American stock car racing driver. The 1993 NASCAR Goody's Dash Series... more »

Rodney Sawyers

Rodney Sawyers is a former NASCAR driver. He competed limited schedules in the racing series in... more »

Rodolfo González

Rodolfo González is a Venezuelan racing driver. more »

Rodolfo Lavín

Rodolfo Lavín is a Mexican racing driver from San Luis Potosí. He most notably raced in the... more »

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Rodrigo Ribeiro is a Brazilian racing driver. more »

Roelof Wunderink

Roelof Wunderink is a Dutch former racing driver. He participated in six Formula One World... more »

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