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Yannick Dalmas

Yannick Dalmas is a former racing driver from France. He participated in 49 Formula One Grands... more »

Yannick Schroeder

Yannick Schroeder is a French racing car driver. Schroeder competed in French Formula Three in... more »

Yasuyuki Kazama

Yasuyuki Kazama is a drifting driver from Japan. Kazama was first introduced to drifting at age... more »

Yojiro Terada

Yojiro Terada is a Japanese racing driver from Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. He is known for holding... more »

Yoshimi Ishibashi

Yoshimi Ishibashi is a professional race car driver born in Tokyo, Japan. Ishibashi has... more »

Youichi Imamura

Youichi Imamura is a Japanese professional drifting driver, currently competing in the D1 Grand... more »

Yuji Ide

Yuji Ide is a Japanese racing driver who graduated from 2005 Formula Nippon to Formula One with... more »

Yuri Baiborodov

Yuri Baiborodov is a Russian racing driver. He raced with the Lukoil Racing Team in the German... more »

Yuri Mitsui

Yuri Mitsui, is a Japanese actress and model. She is also a race car driver. She was born in... more »

Yvan Muller

Yvan Muller is a French auto racing driver most noted for success in touring car racing. He is a... more »

Yves Giraud-Cabantous

Marius Aristide Yves Giraud-Cabantous was a racing driver from France. He drove in Formula One... more »

Yvon Duhamel

Yvon Duhamel is a French-Canadian professional motorcycle racer and father to current AMA... more »

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