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Agnese Pastare

Agnese Pastare is a Latvian race walker. She was born in Riga, Latvia, and is a student of Riga... more »

Ana Cabecinha

Ana Cabecinha is a Portuguese race walker. She was born in Santiago Maior. more »

Andreas Erm

Andreas Erm is a German race walker. more »

Andrés Chocho

Andrés Chocho is an Ecuadorian race walker who competes in both the 20 km and 50 km walk events... more »

Andrey Krivov

Andrey Krivov is a Russian race walker. more »

Antti Kempas

Antti Kempas is a Finnish race walker. He finished eleventh at the 2007 World Championships in... more »

Arnis Rumbenieks

Arnis Rumbenieks is a Latvian track and field athlete competing in road walking. He has... more »

Axel Noack

Axel Noack is a German former race walker. On 21 June 1987 in Chemnitz he achieved a new world... more »