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H Norman Hannah

H Norman Hannah is the father of David Hannay. more »

Hal Jackson

Harold Baron "Hal" Jackson was an American disc jockey and radio personality who broke a number... more »

Hal Turner

Harold Charles "Hal" Turner is an American white nationalist, Holocaust denier and blogger from... more »

Halema Boland

Halema Boland is one of the most prominent entertainers in the Arab World. She is a Kuwaiti... more »


Thomas Seltzer, better known by his stage name Happy-Tom, is the bassist and main songwriter in... more »

Harald Wehmeier

Harald Wehmeier is a radio personality and writer. more »

Harlan Jacobson

Harlan Jacobson is an American film critic, literary editor, radio host, film Lecturer and author. more »

Harland Williams

Harland Reesor Williams is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, author, artist, musician and... more »

Harold Camping

Harold Egbert Camping was an American Christian radio broadcaster, author and evangelist... more »

Harold Peary

Harold Peary was an American actor, comedian and singer in radio, film, television and animation... more »

Harold Taft

Harold Ernest Taft Jr., affectionately known as "The World's Greatest Weatherman" and "The Dean... more »

Harriet Cass

Harriet R M Cass is a freelance broadcaster, best known for her work on BBC Radio 4 as a senior... more »

Harry Shearer

Harry Julius Shearer is an American actor, humorist, writer, voice artist, musician, author,... more »

Harry Teinowitz

Harry Teinowitz is an actor. more »

Haruko Momoi

Haruko Momoi is a Japanese voice actress and singer/songwriter. She also produces an all-female... more »

Harvey Lowe

Harvey Lowe was a Canadian radio presenter and world yo-yo champion. more »

Heather Robbins

Heather Robbins is a radio personality and columnist. more »

Hee Chul

Hee-chul Kim is an actor. more »

Heidi Selexa

Heidi Selexa is an actress, a comedian and radio personality. more »

Helen Gibson

Helen Gibson was an American film actress, vaudeville performer, radio performer, film producer,... more »

Helen Vela

Helen Vela was a Filipino actress and radio/TV personality in the Philippines. more »

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is an American musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, radio host, spoken... more »

Herb Kent

Herb Kent is an African-American radio personality in Chicago and author of "The Cool Gent: The... more »

Herb Oscar Anderson

Herb Oscar Anderson was the morning drive-time personality on WABC Radio in New York City... more »

Hermann Speelmans

Hermann Speelmans was an actor. more »