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Barrett Williams

Barrett Williams is a real-estate agent. more »

Benjamin Kruse

Benjamin Allen Kruse is a Minnesota politician and a former member of the Minnesota Senate who... more »

Benjamin L. Pick

Benjamin L. Pick is a real estate broker. more »

Benny Rousselle

Benedict G. Rousselle, known as Benny Rousselle, is a Realtor and a Democratic politician from... more »

Betty Lou Motes

Betty Lou Motes is the mother of Julia Roberts. more »

Beverly June Curtis

Beverly June Curtis was a real estate agent. more »

Bill Blythe

William Jackson Blythe, Jr., usually known as Bill Blythe or William Blythe, is a real estate... more »

Bill Collins

Bill Collins is brother of actress Joan Collins. more »

Bill Weber

William "Bill" Weber is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota Senate. A Republican,... more »

Billy Pat Wright

Billy Pat Wright is an American, former real estate agent, former rancher, and a former... more »

Billy Potter

Billy Potter is the ex-husband of Beverly Johnson. more »

Blake Towsley

Blake Towsley is a former contestant on the reality television show Survivor: Guatemala. more »

Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman is a co-owner of Marchant Chapman Realtors. more »

Bob Lynn

Bob Lynn is a Republican member of the Alaska House of Representatives, representing the 31st... more »

Bob Marshall

Robert "Bob" Marshall Sr. was an American politician and real estate agent. Marshall served as... more »

Bobbie Ruth Crawford

Bobbie Ruth Crawford is a real estate broker and the mother of Shelley Duvall. more »

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson was an actor. more »

Brenda Pogge

Brenda L. Pogge is an American politician of the Republican Party. Since 2008 she has been a... more »

Brian Bosworth

Brian Keith Bosworth, nicknamed "The Boz," is a former Seattle Seahawk NFL football Linebacker... more »

Brian Roper

Brian T. Roper was an British-American film and television actor, and, in later years, real... more »

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker and author. more »

Brooke F. Burr

Brooke F. Burr is the wife of politician Richard Burr. more »

Brooke Mueller

Brooke Jaye Mueller is an American socialite and actress. more »

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Lawrence Bialosky, CPA is a political columnist who founded the Republican Jewish... more »

Bruce Cram

Bruce Cram is the brother of Michael Cram. more »