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La Shawn K. Ford

La Shawn K. Ford is a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives, representing... more »

Lana Walsh

Lana Walsh is the ex-wife of Terry Nichols. more »

Larry D. Shippy

Larry Deleo Shippy was a Republican member of the Wyoming House of Representatives, having... more »

Larry Silverstein

Larry A. Silverstein is an American businessman. Silverstein was born in Brooklyn, and became... more »

Lauren Skaar

Lauren Skaar is the wife of Michael Vartan. more »

Laurie Hagen

Laurie Hagen is an actress. more »

Lawrence Ackman

Lawrence Ackman is the father of William Ackman. more »

Leah Lail

Leah Lail is an American actress and real estate broker. As an actress, she is best known for... more »

Lee Goldblum

Lee Goldblum is a real estate broker. more »

Leona Helmsley

Leona Mindy Roberts Helmsley was an American businesswoman. She was known for her flamboyant... more »

Leslie Joseph Hooker

Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker was an Australian real estate agent and entrepreneur/mogul who... more »

Leslie Kavanaugh

Leslie Kavanaugh is the mother of Ryan Kavanaugh. more »

Lester Reiff

Lester Berchart Reiff was an American jockey who achieved racing acclaim in the United Kingdom... more »

Letícia Román

Letícia Román is an Italian film actress. She is the daughter of actress Giuliana Gianni and art... more »

Lewis Savage

Lewis Savage is the father of actress and musician Kala Savage. more »

Lillian Allethea Smith Wall

Lillian Allethea Smith Wall is a real estate broker and the sister of Rosalynn Carter. more »

Linda S. Stein

Linda Stein was an American rock music manager and real estate broker. more »

Lindsay Weir

Lindsay Weir is a Real Estate Agent. more »

Lisa Strain

Lisa Strain is a real estate agent and former wife of late actor Phil Hartman. more »

Lorayne Huffman

Lorayne Huffman is a realtor. more »

Lou Correa

Jose Luis Correa was a California Democratic Party state legislator. He served as a member of... more »

Lourdes Nadres

Lourdes Nadres is an actress. more »

Lucius Fisher Foster III

Lucius Fisher Foster III is the father of Jodie Foster. more »

Lutz Aengevelt

Dr. Lutz W. Aengevelt is a German businessman who is the co-managing partner of Aengevelt... more »

Lyndon Rush

Lyndon Rush is a Canadian bobsledder who has competed since 2004. Rush also won a bronze medal... more »