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Pat Tierney

Pat Tierney is a real estate broker. more »

Patricia McDonald

Patricia McDonald is the mother of actor Christopher McDonald. more »

Paul M. Davis, Jr.

Paul McMillian Davis, Jr. was an orthopedic surgeon, non-fiction writer, and a real estate... more »

Paul M. Hellendall

Paul M. Hellendall was the husband of actress Ines Hellendall. more »

Paul Rosenthal

Paul D. Rosenthal is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota House of... more »

Peggy Ann Garner

Peggy Ann Garner was an American actress. A successful child actress, Garner played her first... more »

Peggy Scott

Peggy S. Scott is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. A... more »

Peter Behn

Peter Behn is an American former voice actor and child actor. He is best known for providing the... more »

Peter Corroon

Peter Maitland Corroon is an American politician in the Democratic Party and the former mayor of... more »

Phil Short

Philip Granville Short, known as Phil Short, is a retired military officer formerly of... more »

Phil Tomlinson

Phil Tomlinson is an American politician from the state of Oklahoma that served as the Oklahoma... more »

Philip T. Sica

Philip Theodore Sica is the President of Wise Choice Realty who, in 2005, made an unsuccessful... more »

Phoebe G. Kunst

Phoebe G. Kunst is a real estate agent and the mother of Al Franken. more »

Phyllis Avery

Phyllis Avery was an American television and film actress. more »