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Maksym Zalizniak

Maksym Zaliznyak - Zaporizhian Cossack, leader of the Koliivshchyna rebellion. more »

Maria Nikiforova

Maria Grigor'evna Nikiforova, was an anarchist partisan leader. A self-described terrorist from... more »

Masahiko Takeshita

Lt. Col. Masahiko Takeshita was the head of the domestic affairs section of the Military Affairs... more »

Masataka Ida

Lt. Col. Masataka Ida was a young soldier in the Military Affairs Section of the Japanese... more »

Michael O'Hanrahan

Michael O'Hanrahan was an Irish rebel who was executed for his active role in the 1916 Easter... more »

Minni Minnawi

Suliman Arcua Minnawi, known as "Minni Minnawi", was the leader of the largest faction of the... more »

Moses Ali

Lieutenant General Moses Ali is a Ugandan lawyer, politician and former military officer. He is... more »

Musa Mwariama

Field Marshal Musa Mwariama is a former leader of the Mau Mau in Meru and the highest ranking... more »

Muslim Atayev

Muslim Atayev, also known as Emir Sayfullah, was the founder of the Yarmuk Jamaat, which later... more »