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In the Hebrew Bible and the Quran, Aaron was the older brother of Moses, and a prophet of God... more »

Abbas Almohri

Ayatollah Sayyed Abbas Almohri was one of the first Kuwaiti Shia scholars based in Kuwait. He... more »

Abdollah Javadi-Amoli

Grand Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli is an Iranian Twelver Shi'a Marja. He is a conservative... more »

Abdul Hamid I

Abdülhamid I, Abdul Hamid I or Abd Al-Hamid I was the 27th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He was... more »

Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Aal ash-Shaikh

‘Abdu’l-‘Azīz ibn ‘Abdu’llāh ibn Muḥammad ibn ‘Abdu’l-Laṭīf Āl ash-Shaykh is a Muslim scholar... more »

Abdul-Karim Ha'eri Yazdi

Grand Ayatollah Hajj Sheikh Abdolkarim Haeri Yazdi was a Twelver Shia Muslim cleric and marja... more »


Abdülaziz was the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and reigned between 25 June 1861 and 30 May... more »

Abdullah al Samahiji

Abdullah bin Saleh al Samahiji was a Bahraini Shia Islamic scholar who lived during the Safavid... more »

Abdülmecid II

Abdülmecid II was the last Sunni Caliph of Islam from the Ottoman Dynasty, nominally the 37th... more »

Abel Costas Montaño

Abel Costas Montaño, is a Bolivian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. Montaño was born in... more »


Abishua was an early High priest of Israel. Abishua is mentioned in the books 1 Chronicles and... more »

Abraham D. Mattam

Abraham D. Mattam, C.V. is an Indian Prelate of Roman Catholic Church. Mattam was born in... more »

Abraham Mar Julios

Dr. Abraham Mar Julios is the Metropolitan Bishop of the Eparchy of Muvattupuzha of the... more »

Abu al-Hasan al-Esfahani

Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Abul Hasan Isfahani, was an Shia Muslim scholar and cleric. He was born... more »

Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei

Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei AH-boo al KAH-sihm al HOO-EEE was one of the most influential Twelver Shia... more »

Abuna Basilios

Abuna Basilios was the first Ethiopian born Archbishop or Abuna, and later the first Patriarch,... more »

Abune Antonios

Abune Antonios was the third Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church. He was... more »

Abune Paulos

Abune Paulos was Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. His full title was "His... more »

Acca of Dunwich

Æcci or Acca of Dunwich, was a medieval bishop of Dunwich. He was consecrated after 672,... more »

Adam de Darlington

Adam de Darlington [Derlingtun] was a 13th-century English churchman based in the Kingdom of... more »

Adam de Lanark

Adam de Lanark, O.P. was a 14th-century Scottish Dominican friar and prelate. Possibly from a... more »

Adam Kozłowiecki

Cardinal Adam Kozłowiecki, S.J., was Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lusaka in Zambia. Born in... more »

Adam Moleyns

Adam Moleyns was an English bishop, lawyer, royal administrator and diplomat. During the... more »

Adam Orleton

Adam Orleton was an English churchman and royal administrator. more »

Addai Scher

Addai Scher Also written Addai Sher, Addaï Scher and Addai Sheir, was the Assyrian Chaldean... more »

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