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Anthony Theodore Lobo

Anthony Theodore Felix Lobo was a Pakistani Roman Catholic bishop. On June 8, 1982 he was... more »

Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson was an English bishop. more »

Antonieto Cabajog

Antonieto Dumagan Cabajog, often known as Bishop Yiet or Monsignor Yiet, is a Filipino Roman... more »

Antônio Afonso de Miranda

Antônio Afonso de Miranda is a Brazilian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. Afonso de Miranda... more »

Antonio Carafa

Antoni Carafa was an Italian Roman Catholic Cardinal. more »

António dos Reis Rodrigues

António dos Reis Rodrigues was a Portuguese Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. Rodrigues was... more »

Antonio Iannucci

Antonio Iannucci was an Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. Iannucci was born in... more »

Antonio José Ramírez Salaverría

Antonio José Ramírez Salaverría was a Venezuelan Prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. When he... more »

Antonio Ledesma

Antonio Javellana Ledesma, S.J., D.D. is the Archbishop of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of... more »

Antônio Maria Mucciolo

Antônio Maria Mucciolo, was a Brazilian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. Mucciolo was born... more »

Antonio Mistrorigo

Antonio Mistrorigo was an Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. At the time of his... more »

Antonio Riboldi

Antonio Riboldi, I.C. is an Italian Prelate of Roman Catholic Church. Riboldi was born in... more »

Antonios Naguib

Antonios I Naguib is the Coptic Catholic Patriarch emeritus of Alexandria. From 1953 to 1958, he... more »

Antun Bogetić

Antun Bogetić is an Croatian Prelate of Roman Catholic Church. Bogetić was born in Premantura,... more »

Apollinaris of Clermont

Apollinaris was a Romano-Gallic aristocrat, who led a Roman militia for the Visigoths in the... more »

Aram I

Aram I Keshishian is the head of the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia and has been... more »

Archbishop Demetrios of America

Archbishop Demetrios of America is the current archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of... more »

Archbishop Jovan VI of Ohrid

Archbishop Jovan VI, born Zoran Vraniškovski is an orthodox Macedonian cleric and head of the... more »


Archibald was a 13th-century Scottish prelate best known for involvement in a dispute with the... more »

Archibald Tait

Archibald Campbell Tait was an Archbishop of Canterbury in the Church of England. more »

Aristobulus I

Judah Aristobulus I, the first ruler of the Hebrew Hasmonean Dynasty to call himself "king," was... more »

Aristobulus II

Aristobulus II was the Jewish High Priest and King of Judea, 66 BC to 63 BC, from the Hasmonean... more »

Armando Círio

Armando Círio, O.S.I. is a Brazilian bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. He is currently one of... more »

Armando Trindade

Armando Trindade † was born in Karachi, British India on 25 October 1927. He studied at St... more »

Armando Xavier Ochoa

Armando Xavier Ochoa, D.D. is the Bishop of Fresno, and was formerly the fifth Bishop of El... more »

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