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Ronald Ramsay

Ronald Erskine Ramsay was the first Suffragan Bishop of Malmesbury, with the additional title of... more »

Ronnie Bowlby

Ronald Oliver Bowlby was the ninth Bishop of Newcastle from 1973 until 1980, who was then... more »

Ross Hook

Ross Sydney Hook was an Anglican bishop in the 20th century. Educated at Christ’s Hospital and... more »

Ross MacMahon

Ross Roe MacMahon was ordained to the priesthood in 1727. He was appointed as Roman Catholic... more »

Rowan Williams

Rowan Douglas Williams, Baron Williams of Oystermouth PC FBA FRSL FLSW is an Anglican bishop,... more »

Roxanna Bullock

Roxanna Bullock was the paternal grandmother of Tina Turner. more »

Roy Screech

Clive Royden Screech is a former Bishop of St Germans in the Diocese of Truro. Screech was... more »

Roy Williamson

Robert Kerr "Roy" Williamson was the seventh Bishop of Bradford from 1984 until 1991, who was... more »

Ruben González Medina

Ruben Antonio González Medina is the current bishop for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Caguas,... more »

Rudolf Schmid

Rudolf Schmid was a German prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. Schmid was born in Schiers,... more »

Rudolph, Count of Ponthieu

Count Rudolph of Ponthieu was son of Welf and brother of Judith of Bavaria, wife of Emperor... more »

Rufin Anthony

Rufin Anthony is a Pakistani Roman Catholic Bishop. He completed his primary and secondary... more »

Ruhollah Khatami

Ruhollah Khatami was a senior Iranian cleric in the city of Yazd. In July 1982, he was appointed... more »

Ruhollah Khomeini

Ruhollah Khomeini, known in the West as Ayatollah Khomeini, was an Iranian religious leader and... more »

Rupert Hoare

Rupert William Noel Hoare is a former Dean of Liverpool and Anglican Bishop of Dudley. Hoare was... more »


Ruricius I, a Gallo-Roman aristocrat and bishop of Limoges from ca.485 to 510. He is one of the... more »

Ryder Devapriam

Ryder Devapriam was Bishop - in - Nandyal. He once taught at the Andhra Christian Theological... more »

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