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Udo of Nellenburg was the Archbishop of Trier from 1066 until his death. He was an important... more »

Ulf Ekman

Ulf Ekman is a Swedish charismatic pastor and founder of the charismatic church Livets Ord,... more »

Ulfus Normanus

Ulfus Normanus was a medieval Bishop of Dorchester, when the town was seat of the united... more »


Ulger was the Bishop of Angers from 1125. Like his predecessor, Rainald de Martigné, he... more »

Ulises Aurelio Casiano Vargas

Ulises Aurelio Casiano Vargas is the bishop emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mayagüez,... more »

Ursinus the Abbot

Ursinus the Abbot was an abbot of Saint-Martin at Ligugé, and presumed biographer of Saint... more »

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