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Pablo D. Jadzinsky

Pablo D. Jadzinsky was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Paea LePendu

Paea LePendu is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biomedical Informatics at Stanford University,... more »

Patricia Deegan

Patricia E. Deegan is a disability-rights advocate, psychologist and researcher living in the... more »

Patricia Howlin

Patricia Howlin is Professor of Clinical Child Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry,... more »

Patricia Wells

Patricia Wells is the wife of Brian Routh. more »

Paul Constantine

Paul Constantine is a postdoctoral researcher in the mechanical engineering department at... more »

Paul D'Arbela

Paul D'Arbela is a Ugandan physician, academic and medical researcher. Currently he is a... more »

Paul Debevec

Paul Debevec is a researcher in computer graphics at the University of Southern California's... more »

Paul Fejos

Paul Fejos was a Hungarian-born director of feature films and documentaries who worked in a... more »

Paul Kosok

Paul August Kosok, an American professor in history and government, is credited with being the... more »

Paul Maritz

Paul Maritz is a computer scientist and software executive. He held positions at large companies... more »

Pavel K. Oshchepkov

Pavel Kondratyevich Oshchepkov was a Russian physicist who had a leading role in the development... more »

Pedro Pablo Figueroa

Pedro Pablo Figueroa Luna was a Chilean writer and researcher. Among his works is the... more »

Pei-Lin Hsiung

Pei-Lin Hsiung is a Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University,School of Medicine, Bio-X Program more »

Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett, NZAM, is a geologist who first rose to fame for discovering the first tetrapod... more »

Peter C. Doherty

Peter Charles Doherty AC is an Australian veterinary surgeon and researcher in the field of... more »

Peter Frankenberg

Peter Frankenberg appeared in the 2011 Guided Tour documentary film. more »

Peter Gavin Hall

Peter Gavin Hall FAA FRS AO is an Australian researcher in probability theory and mathematical... more »

Peter Gutmann

Peter Gutmann is a computer scientist in the Department of Computer Science at the University of... more »

Peter Oliver Krutzik

Peter Krutzik is a Research Associate at Stanford University more »

Peter Suedfeld

Peter Suedfeld is a Canadian/American/Hungarian psychology professor, psychologist, writer,... more »

Philip Huie

Philip Huie is Senior Research Associate at Stanford University. more »

Philip J. Marshall

Philip Marshall is Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Department of Physics,... more »

Piers Fletcher

Piers Fletcher is a television producer and researcher, mainly working for the British panel... more »

Pietro Salvatore Nivola

Pietro Salvatore Nivola is a professor of political science. more »

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