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Ferdinand Hoefer

Jean Chrétien Ferdinand Hoefer was a German-French physician and lexicographer. He is now known... more »

Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler

Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler was a surveyor who worked mostly in the United States and also in... more »

Forest Ray Moulton

Forest Ray Moulton was an American astronomer. He was born in Le Roy, Michigan, and was educated... more »

Francis Delafield

Francis Delafield was an American physician, born in New York City. His father, Dr. Edward... more »

Francis Ernest Lloyd

Francis Ernest Lloyd, M.A. was an American botanist, born in Manchester, England, and educated... more »

Frank Hastings Hamilton

Frank Hastings Hamilton was a noted American surgeon. Hamilton was the son of Calvin and Lucinda... more »

Frederic Ward Putnam

Frederic Ward Putnam was an American natural history/biologist and anthropologist. more »

Frederick Starr

Frederick Starr, aka Ofuda Hakushi in Japan, was an American academic, anthropologist, and... more »

Freeman Dyson

Freeman John Dyson FRS is an English-born American theoretical physicist and mathematician,... more »

Fushigi Yamada

Kyoko Yamada, better known by her stage name Fushigi Yamada, is a Japanese voice actress... more »

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