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Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis was an American psychologist who in 1955 developed Rational Emotive Behavior... more »

Albert Ghiorso

Albert Ghiorso was an American nuclear scientist and co-discoverer of a record 12 chemical... more »

Albert H. Walenta

Albert H. Walenta is professor for experimental physics at the University of Siegen in... more »

Albert Hofmann

Albert Hofmann was a Swiss scientist known best for being the first person to synthesize,... more »

Albert Hustin

Albert Hustin was a Belgian medical doctor. He was the second to successfully practice... more »

Albert J.R. Heck

Albert J.R. Heck is a Dutch scientist and professor at Utrecht University, the Netherlands in... more »

Albert Neuberger

Albert Neuberger CBE FRS FRCP was Professor of Chemical Pathology, St Mary's Hospital,... more »

Albert Sabin

Albert Bruce Sabin was a Jewish Polish American medical researcher best known for having... more »

Albert Samuel Gatschet

Albert Samuel Gatschet was a Swiss-American ethnologist who trained as a linguist in the... more »

Albert Schatz

Albert Israel Schatz was an American microbiologist and science educator, best known as the... more »

Albert Schultens

Albert Schultens was a Dutch philologist. more »

Albert Szent-Györgyi

Albert Szent-Györgyi de Nagyrápolt was a Hungarian physiologist who won the Nobel Prize in... more »

Alberte Pullman

Alberte Pullman. She was a theoretical and quantum chemist. She studied at the Sorbonne starting... more »

Alberto Conti

Alberto Conti, is an astrophysicist and Innovation Manager at Northrop Grumman Aerospace... more »

Albrecht von Graefe

Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Albrecht von Gräfe, often Anglicized to Graefe, was a pioneer of German... more »


Abu Bakr al-Hassan ibn al-Khasib, also al-Khaseb, Albubather in Latin, was a Persian physician... more »

Aldo Castellani

Aldo Castellani was an Italian pathologist and bacteriologist. more »

Alec David Young

Alec David Young was a British aero-engineer. He was Professor and Head of the Department of... more »

Alec Jeffreys

Professor Sir Alec John Jeffreys, FRS is a British geneticist, who developed techniques for DNA... more »

Alec Reeves

Alec Harley Reeves CBE was a British scientist best known for his invention of pulse-code... more »

Alec. Nove

Alexander Nove, FRSE, FBA was a Professor of Economics at the University of Glasgow and a noted... more »

Aleksei N. Leontiev

Alexei Nikolaevich Leontiev, was a Soviet developmental psychologist, and the founder of... more »

Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was an Italian physicist known for the invention of... more »

Alex Fraser

Alex Fraser was a major innovator in the development of the computer modeling of population... more »

Alexander Abramov

Alexander Abramov is a former scientist who became an industrial magnate as head of... more »

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