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Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari

Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari, was a Muslim hakim, scholar, physician and... more »

Ali ibn Yusuf al-Ilaqi

Muḥammad ibn Yusuf al-Ilāqī was an eleventh-century Persian physician from Khorasan. Contrary to... more »

Ali Khademhosseini

Ali Khademhosseini is an Iranian American-Canadian academic and an Associate Professor at... more »

Ali Qushji

Ala al-Dīn Ali ibn Muhammed, known as Ali Qushji was an astronomer, mathematician and physicist... more »

Alice Riggin

Alice Riggin is the mother of Mia Riverton. more »

Alick Isaacs

Alick Isaacs FRS was a British virologist. He is best remembered for his work on interferon,... more »

Alick Walker

Alick Donald Walker was a British palaeontologist, after whom the Alwalkeria genus of dinosaur... more »

Alina Surmacka Szczesniak

Alina Surmacka Szcześniak is a Polish-born, American food scientist best known for her... more »

Alireza Alavitabar

Alireza Alavitabar is an Iranian political scientist and a leading reformist intellectual and... more »

Allan C. Spradling

Allan C. Spradling is an American scientist and principal investigator at the Carnegie... more »

Allan H. Frey

Allan H. Frey es un neurólogo estadounidense conocido por su investigación y escrito durante la... more »

Allan Sandage

Allan Rex Sandage was an American astronomer. He was Staff Member Emeritus with the Carnegie... more »

Allan Schore

Allan N. Schore is a leading researcher in the field of neuropsychology, whose contributions... more »

Allan Snyder

Allan Whitenack Snyder is the director of the Centre for the Mind at the University of Sydney,... more »

Allen Hershkowitz

Dr. Allen Hershkowitz is a Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, where he... more »

Allen M Tough

Allen Tough was a Canadian educator and researcher. Widely known as a futurist, scientist, and... more »

Allen Steere

Allen C. Steere is a professor of rheumatology at Harvard University and previously at Tufts... more »

Alois Langer

Alois A. Langer is an American biomedical engineer best known as one of the co-inventors of the... more »

Alphonse Francois Renard

Alphonse Francois Renard, Belgian geologist and petrographer, was born at Ronse, in East... more »

Alphonse Milne-Edwards

Alphonse Milne-Edwards was a French mammalologist, ornithologist and carcinologist. He was... more »

Alvar Ellegård

Alvar Ellegård was a Swedish scholar and linguist. He was professor of English at the University... more »

Alvar Palmgren

Alvar Palmgren was a Finnish botanist and plant ecologist. Palmgren studied botany at the... more »

Alvin Joseph Melveger

Alvin Joseph Melveger is an American scientist specializing in physical chemistry, spectroscopy,... more »

Amand Lucas

Amand Lucas is a Belgian scientist and professor at the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la... more »

Amanda Sainsbury-Salis

Amanda Sainsbury-Salis, PhD is an Australian molecular scientist, educator and author. Her... more »

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