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George Kalmus

George Ernest Kalmus, CBE, FRS is a British particle physicist. Kalmus was born in Beočin,... more »

George Lowe Sutton

George Lowe Sutton was an Australian agricultural scientist and breeder of wheat. Sutton was... more »

George Morrow

George Morrow was part of the early microcomputer industry in the United States. Morrow promoted... more »

George Perry

George Perry is a neuroscientist and Dean of the College of Sciences and Professor of Biology at... more »

George Poste

George Henry Poste, F.R.S., is a former Director of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State... more »

George R. Price

George Robert Price was an American population geneticist. Originally a physical chemist and... more »

George Seddon

George Seddon was an Australian academic who held university chairs in a range of subjects. He... more »

George Starkey

George Starkey, born to George Stirk in Bermuda in 1628[he died in 1665 ], was an English... more »

George Stibitz

George Robert Stibitz is internationally recognized as one of the fathers of the modern first... more »

George Sweigert

George H. Sweigert is widely credited as the first inventor to hold a patent for the invention... more »

George Van Biesbroeck

George A. Van Biesbroeck was a Belgian-American astronomer. He worked at observatories in... more »

George Varghese

George Varghese is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research. Before joining MSR's lab in... more »

George W. Merck

George Wilhelm Herman Emanuel Merck, was the president of Merck & Co. from 1925 to 1950. more »

George Wald

George Wald was an American scientist who is best known for his work with pigments in the... more »

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver, was an American scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor. The exact... more »

George Washington Vanderbilt III

George Washington Vanderbilt III was a yachtsman and a scientific explorer who was a member of... more »

George Wells Beadle

George Wells Beadle was an American scientist in the field of genetics, and Nobel Prize in... more »

George Yuri Rainich

George Yuri Rainich was a leading mathematical physicist in the early twentieth century. more »

George Zweig

George Zweig is an American physicist. He was trained as a particle physicist under Richard... more »

Georges Charpy

Georges Charpy, full name Georges Augustin Albert Charpy was the French scientist who created... more »

Georges De Moor

Professor Georges J. E. De Moor is a Belgian MD and head of the Department of Health Informatics... more »

Georges J. F. Köhler

Georges Jean Franz Köhler was a German biologist. Together with César Milstein and Niels Kaj... more »

Georges Thines

Georges Thines, a Belgian scientist, was awarded the Francqui Prize on Human Sciences in 1971... more »

Georgi Bliznakov

Georgi Bliznakov was an eminent Bulgarian chemist. He was head of the Department of Inorganic... more »

Georgi Lozanov

Georgi Lozanov was a Bulgarian educator and psychiatrist who developed suggestopedia/suggestopaed... more »

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