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Herbert Mataré

Herbert Franz Mataré was a German physicist. The focus of his research was the field of... more »

Herbert R. Axelrod

Herbert Richard Axelrod is a tropical fish expert, publisher of pet books, and entrepreneur. In... more »

Herbert Simon

Herbert Alexander Simon was an American political scientist, economist, sociologist,... more »

Herbert Spencer Gasser

Herbert Spencer Gasser was an American physiologist, and recipient of the Nobel Prize for... more »

Herbert W. Franke

Herbert W. Franke is an Austrian scientist and writer. He is considered one of the most... more »

Herman Affel

Herman Andrew Affel was an American electrical engineer who invented the modern coaxial cable. more »

Herman Auerbach

Herman Auerbach was a Polish mathematician and member of the Lwów School of Mathematics. Auerbach... more »

Herman Johannes

Herman Johannes, was an Indonesian professor, scientist and politician. Johannes was the rector... more »

Herman Potočnik

Herman Potočnik was a Slovene rocket engineer and pioneer of cosmonautics of Slovene ethnicity... more »

Herman Spöring, Jr.

Herman Diedrich Spöring Jr. was a Finnish explorer, draughtsman, botanist and a naturalist. more »

Herman Spöring, Sr.

Herman Diedrich Spöring Sr. was a professor of Medicine at the Academy of Turku in Turku,... more »

Herman Van Breda

Herman Leo Van Breda was a Franciscan, philosopher and founder of the Husserl Archives at the... more »

Herman Van Den Berghe

Herman Van den Berghe is a Belgian pioneer in human genetics. He founded the Centrum voor... more »

Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe

Hermann Franz Joseph Hubertus Maria Anschütz-Kaempfe was a German scientist and inventor. He was... more »

Hermann Bondi

Sir Hermann Bondi, KCB, FRS was an Anglo-Austrian mathematician and cosmologist. He is best... more »

Hermann Emil Fischer

Hermann Emil Louis Fischer was a German chemist and 1902 recipient of the Nobel Prize in... more »

Hermann Ganswindt

Hermann Ganswindt was a German inventor and spaceflight scientist, whose inventions are thought... more »

Hermann Gummel

Hermann Gummel is a pioneer in the semiconductor industry. Gummel received his Diplom in physics... more »

Hermann Joseph Muller

Hermann Joseph Muller was an American geneticist, educator, and Nobel laureate best known for... more »

Hermann Knoblauch

Karl Hermann Knoblauch was a German physicist. He is most notable for his studies of radiant... more »

Hermann Lux

Hermann Lux, was a prominent inorganic chemist from Munich, Germany. Lux studied chemistry in... more »

Hermann Oberth

Hermann Julius Oberth was an Austro-Hungarian-born German physicist and engineer. He is... more »

Hermann Schlegel

Hermann Schlegel was a German ornithologist and herpetologist. more »

Hermann von Nathusius

Hermann Engelhard von Nathusius was a German animal breeder. Born in Magdeburg to industrialist... more »

Hermann von Reichenau

Hermann of Reichenau, also called Hermannus Contractus or Hermannus Augiensis or Herman the... more »

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