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Jared Diamond

Jared Mason Diamond is an American scientist and author best known for his popular science books... more »

Jarl Waldemar Lindeberg

Jarl Waldemar Lindeberg was a Finnish mathematician known for work on the central limit... more »

Jaroslav Heyrovský

Jaroslav Heyrovský was a Czech chemist and inventor. Heyrovský was the inventor of the... more »

Jaroslav Mareš

Ing Jaroslav Mareš is a Czech biologist, traveller and writer. He graduated from The University... more »

Jaroslav Romanchuk

Jaroslav Cheslavovich Romanchuk is a Belarusian libertarian economist and politician. He... more »

Jason Box

Jason Box appeared in the 2012 documentary film Chasing Ice. more »

Jaume Raventos

Jaume Raventós i Gavaldà was a Catalan scientist and pharmacologist. As a refugee from Franco's... more »

Javaid Laghari

Javaid Laghari, is a Pakistani electrical engineer and science administrator who is currently... more »

Jawad Salehi

Jawad A. Salehi, IEEE Fellow, born in Kazemain, Iraq, on December 22, 1956 is an Iranian... more »

Jay Hosler

Jay Hosler is the author and illustrator of science-oriented comics. He is best known for his... more »

Jay Keasling

Jay D. Keasling is a Professor of Chemical engineering and Bioengineering at the University of... more »

Jay Short

Jay Short was CEO, President and Head of Research of Diversa until his departure in 2005. While... more »

Jean Auguste Ulric Scheler

Jean Auguste Ulric Scheler was a Belgian philologist. more »

Jean Brachet

Jean Louis Auguste Brachet ForMemRS was a Belgian biochemist who made a key contribution in... more »

Jean Bricmont

Jean Bricmont is a Belgian theoretical physicist, philosopher of science and a professor at the... more »

Jean Bruchési

Jean Bruchési was a Quebecois writer and historian. He was the president of the Royal Society of... more »

Jean Cabanis

Jean Louis Cabanis was a German ornithologist. Cabanis was born in Berlin. He studied at the... more »

Jean Cruveilhier

Jean Cruveilhier was a French anatomist and pathologist. more »

Jean Dausset

Jean-Baptiste-Gabriel-Joachim Dausset was a French immunologist born in Toulouse, France. He... more »

Jean de Noailles, 5th duc de Noailles

Jean-Louis-Paul-François de Noailles, 5th Duke of Noailles was a French nobleman and scientist. more »

Jean E. Sammet

Jean E. Sammet is an American computer scientist who developed the FORMAC programming language... more »

Jean Goblet d'Alviella

Jean, Count Goblet d'Alviella, was the mayor of Court-Saint-Étienne. He was married with June... more »

Jean Jouzel

Jean Jouzel, is a French glaciologist and climatologist. He is a world renowned specialist in... more »

Jean Macnamara

Dame Jean Macnamara, DBE was an Australian medical doctor and scientist, best known for her... more »

Jean Mathieu de Chazelles

Jean Mathieu de Chazelles, French hydrographer, was born in Lyon. He was nominated professor of... more »

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