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Ken Caldeira

Kenneth Caldeira is an atmospheric scientist who works at the Carnegie Institution for Science's... more »

Ken Knowlton

Kenneth C. Knowlton, is a computer graphics pioneer, artist, mosaicist and portraitist, who... more »

Ken Thompson

Kenneth Thompson, commonly referred to as ken in hacker circles, is an American pioneer of... more »

Kenan Erim

Kenan Tefvik Erim was a Turkish archaeologist who excavated from 1961 until his death at the... more »

Kenan Sahin

Kenan Eyup Sahin is a Turkish scientist and entrepreneur in the United States. After graduating... more »

Kenneth Alibek

Colonel Kanatzhan Alibekov — known as Ken Alibek since 1992 — is a former Soviet physician,... more »

Kenneth Appel

Kenneth Ira Appel was an American mathematician who in 1976, with colleague Wolfgang Haken at... more »

Kenneth Arrow

Kenneth Joseph Arrow is an American economist and joint winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in... more »

Kenneth Hsu

Kenneth J. Hsu Ph.D, M.A., born 28 June 1929, is a Swiss scientist, geologist,... more »

Kenneth Lane

Kenneth Douglas Lane is an American theoretical particle physicist and professor of physics at... more »

Kenneth Money

Kenneth Money is the Senior Scientist at the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental... more »

Kenneth S. Warren

Kenneth S. Warren was an American scientist, physician, educator and public health advocate. He... more »

Kenneth Stewart Cole

Kenneth Stewart Cole was an American biophysicist described by his peers as "a pioneer in the... more »

Kent Cullers

Kent Cullers is an American astronomer, who was a manager of SETI's Project Phoenix. In 2005, he... more »

Kerim Kerimov

Lieutenant-General Kerim Aliyevich Kerimov was an Azerbaijani-Soviet/Russian aerospace engineer... more »

Kerson Huang

Kerson Huang is a Chinese-American theoretical physicist, who is currently Professor of Physics... more »

Kevin De Cock

Kevin M. De Cock, M.D., F.R.C.P., D.T.M. & H., is Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease... more »

Kevin Downard

Kevin Downard is an Australian academic scientist whose research specializes in the field of... more »

Kevin E. Trenberth

Kevin Edward Trenberth is part of the Climate Analysis Section at the USA National Center for... more »

Kevin Eggan

Kevin Eggan is a Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University, known... more »

Kevin Greenaugh

Kevin Greenaugh, PhD is an American nuclear engineer and senior manager at the National Nuclear... more »

Kevin J. Tracey

Kevin J. Tracey, a neurosurgeon and inventor, was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 10 December... more »

Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick is a British scientist and professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading... more »

Kia Silverbrook

Kia Silverbrook is an Australian inventor, scientist, and serial entrepreneur. He is the most... more »

Kikunae Ikeda

Kikunae Ikeda was a Japanese chemist and Tokyo Imperial University professor in Chemistry who,... more »

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