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Obaid Siddiqi

Obaid Siddiqi FRS was a National Research Professor at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research... more »

Obrad Zelić

Obrad Zelic is a regular professor of parodontology and oral medicine at the University of... more »

Odón de Buen y del Cos

Odón de Buen y del Cos was a Spanish naturalist, politician and publicist. He founded the... more »

Ofer Feldman

Ofer Feldman (オフェル・フェルドマン) is a Professor of Political Psychology and Political Behavior at... more »

Ognjeslav Kostović Stepanović

Ognjeslav Kostović Stepanović was a Serbian inventor. He was born in Wiesburg, Austria to a... more »

Oktay Sinanoğlu

Oktay Sinanoğlu is a Turkish physical chemist. more »

Olaf Hagerup

Olaf Hagerup was a Danish botanist. He studied botany at the University of Copenhagen from 1911... more »

Ole Borch

Ole Borch was a Danish scientist, physician, grammarian, and poet, most famous today for being... more »

Ole Jørgen Anfindsen

Ole Jørgen Anfindsen is a Norwegian computer scientist, author and social commentator. Anfindsen... more »

Ole Worm

Ole Worm, who often went by the Latinized form of his name Olaus Wormius, was a Danish physician... more »

Oleg Losev

Oleg Vladimirovich Losev was a scientist and inventor, born to a high-ranking family in Imperial... more »

Oleksander Ohloblyn

Oleksander Ohloblyn, Ukr. Олександер Петрович Оглоблин was one of the most important Ukrainian... more »

Oleksandr Bogomoletz

Oleksandr Oleksandrovich Bogomoletz or Bohomolets was a renown Ukrainian pathophysiologist. He... more »

Oleksandr Mikolaiovich Sharkovsky

Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Sharkovsky is a prominent Ukrainian mathematician most famous for... more »

Olena Apanovich

Olena Apanovych was a Ukrainian historian, researcher of Zaporozhian Cossackdom. more »

Olga Arsenievna Oleinik

Olga Arsenievna Oleinik was a Soviet mathematician who conducted pioneering work on the theory... more »

Olga D. González-Sanabria

Olga D. González-Sanabria is a Puerto Rican scientist and inventor. She is the highest ranking... more »

Olga Kennard

Olga Kennard, née Weisz is a British crystallographer, and was Director of the Cambridge... more »

Olga Uvarov

Dame Olga Nikolaevna Uvarov, DBE, FRCVS was a veterinary surgeon and clinical researcher. She... more »

Oliver H Leblanc

Oliver H Leblanc was a researcher with GE Global Research more »

Oliver Zangwill

Oliver Louis Zangwill FRS was an influential British neuropsychologist. He was Professor of... more »

Olli Lounasmaa

Olli Viktor Lounasmaa was a Finnish academician, experimental physicist and neuroscientist. He... more »

Omar Khayyám

Ghiyāth ad-Dīn Abu'l-Fatḥ ʿUmar ibn Ibrāhīm al-Khayyām Nīshāpūrī was a Persian polymath,... more »

Omid Kokabee

Omid Kokabee is an Iranian experimental laser physicist at the University of Texas at Austin who... more »

Omond Solandt

Omond McKillop Solandt, CC OBE CD FRSC was an important Canadian scientist who was the first... more »

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