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Riazuddin, also spelled as Riaz-Uddin, was a renowned and prominent Pakistani theoretical... more »

Ricardo Alegría

Ricardo Alegría was a Puerto Rican scholar, cultural anthropologist and archeologist known as... more »

Ricardo Renzo Brentani

Ricardo Renzo Brentani was a noted Brazilian physician, scientist and university professor. He... more »

Ricardo Rossello

Ricardo Antonio "Ricky" Rosselló Neváres is an assistant professor at the University of Puerto... more »

Richard Axel

Richard Axel is a molecular biologist whose work on the olfactory system won him and Linda B... more »

Richard B. Hoover

Richard B. Hoover is a scientist who has authored 33 volumes and 250 papers on astrobiology,... more »

Richard Baerwald

Richard Baerwald was a German academic psychologist, in Berlin. Towards the end of his life he... more »

Richard Bellman

Richard Ernest Bellman was an American applied mathematician, celebrated for his invention of... more »

Richard Brauer

Richard Dagobert Brauer was a leading German and American mathematician. He worked mainly in... more »

Richard Caton

Richard Caton, of Liverpool, England, was a scientist who was crucial in discovering the... more »

Richard D. Wood

Richard D. Wood is an American molecular biologist specializing in research on DNA repair and... more »

Richard Daintree

Richard Daintree was a pioneering Australian geologist and photographer. In particular, Daintree... more »

Richard Deth

Richard Carlton Deth, Ph.D., is a neuropharmacologist, a professor of pharmacology at... more »

Richard Doell

Richard Doell was a distinguished American scientist known for developing the time scale for... more »

Richard E. Berendzen

Dr. Richard E. Berendzen is an American scientist. more »

Richard Ehrenberg

Richard Ehrenberg was a German economist. He taught at Rostock University from 1899 to 1921. more »

Richard Feynman

Richard Phillips Feynman was an American theoretical physicist known for his work in the path... more »

Richard Friedrich Johannes Pfeiffer

Richard Friedrich Johannes Pfeiffer FRS was a German physician and bacteriologist. Pfeiffer was... more »

Richard G. Klein

Richard G. Klein is a Professor of Biology and Anthropology at Stanford University. He is the... more »

Richard G. Smith

Richard G. Smith was director of NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center from September 26, 1979 to... more »

Richard Gans

Richard Martin Gans, German of Jewish origin, born in Hamburg, was the physicist who founded the... more »

Richard Garwin

Richard Lawrence Garwin, is an American physicist. He received his bachelor's degree from the... more »

Richard Goldschmidt

Richard Benedict Goldschmidt was a German-born American geneticist. He is considered the first... more »

Richard H. Small

Richard H. Small is an American scientist, who worked mainly on electroacoustics. The... more »

Richard Harrison

Richard Anthony Harrison MBE FRAS FInstP is the Head of Space Physics Division and Chief... more »

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