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Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is an American doctor of animal science and professor at Colorado State... more »

Terence Percival

Terence Percival is a scientist and one of the inventors of Wi-Fi. more »

Terence Rees

Terence Albert Ladd Rees is a retired microbiologist but is best known as a collector of... more »

Teresa Maryańska

Teresa Maryańska is a Polish paleontologist who has specialized in Mongolian dinosaurs,... more »

Terry Erwin

Terry L. Erwin is an entomologist with the Smithsonian Institution. Erwin is notable for his... more »

Terry Grossman

Terry Grossman is a physician, scientist and author. more »

Teuvo Kohonen

Teuvo Kohonen is a prominent Finnish academician and researcher. He is currently professor... more »

Thanu Padmanabhan

Thanu Padmanabhan is an Indian theoretical physicist and Cosmologist whose research spans a wide... more »

Thekla Resvoll

Thekla Susanne Ragnhild Resvoll was a Norwegian botanist – a female pioneer in Norwegian natural... more »

Theo Holm

Herman Theodor "Theo" Holm was a Danish-American systematic botanist. He studied botany at the... more »

Theodor Curtius

Geheimrat Julius Wilhelm Theodor Curtius was professor of Chemistry at Heidelberg University and... more »

Theodor Peckolt

Theodor Peckolt was a German-born naturalist, botanist, phytochemist and pharmacist who worked... more »

Theodore Hall

Theodore Alvin Hall was an American physicist and an atomic spy for the Soviet Union, who,... more »

Theodore Holmes Bullock

Theodore Holmes “Ted” Bullock is one of the founding fathers of neuroethology. During a career... more »

Theodore Maiman

Theodore Harold "Ted" Maiman was an American physicist credited with the invention of the first... more »

Théodore Monod

Théodore André Monod was a French naturalist, explorer, and humanist scholar. more »

Theodore von Kármán

Theodore von Kármán was a Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace engineer and physicist who... more »

Theresa A. Jones

Theresa A. Jones is a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin and the Institute for... more »

Thierry Boon

Thierry Boon is a Belgian scientist,former Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research... more »

Thierry Pauwels

Thierry Pauwels is a Belgian astronomer from the Royal Observatory of Belgium. Between 1996 and... more »

Thomas Adams

Thomas Adams, was a 19th-century American scientist and inventor who is regarded as a founder of... more »

Thomas Addis

Thomas Chalmers Addis Jr. was a physician-scientist who made important contributions to the... more »

Thomas B. Kornberg

Thomas Bill Kornberg is an American biochemist who was the first person to purify and... more »

Thomas Blanchard Stowell

Thomas Blanchard Stowell was a distinguished American educator. Stowell was born on March 29,... more »

Thomas C. Chalmers

Thomas Clark Chalmers, MD, FACP was famous for his role in the development of the randomized... more »

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