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Tokushichi Mishima

Tokushichi Mishima was a Japanese metallurgist. He discovered that aluminum restored magnetism... more »

Tom Barbalet

Tom Barbalet is the creator of Noble Ape, editor of Biota.org and chair of the IGDA Intellectual... more »

Tom Duff

Thomas Douglas Selkirk Duff is a computer programmer. more »

Tom Segalstad

Tom V. Segalstad is a Norwegian geologist. He has taught geology and geophysics at the... more »

Tom Wigley

Tom Wigley is a climate scientist at the University of Adelaide. He is also affiliated with the... more »

Tomáš Čermák

Tomáš Čermák is a Czech engineer and rector of VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. more »

Tomaso Poggio

Tomaso Armando Poggio, is the Eugene McDermott professor in the Department of Brain and... more »

Tomoko Ohta

Tomoko Ohta is a Japanese scientist working on molecular evolution. She graduated from the... more »

Tong Dizhou

Tong Dizhou was a Chinese embryologist remembered for his contributions to the field of cloning... more »

Tony Hoare

Sir Charles Antony Richard Hoare FRS FREng, commonly known as Tony Hoare or C. A. R. Hoare, is a... more »

Tony Turner

Professor Anthony Peter Francis Turner, FRSC, usually known as Tony Turner, is an English... more »

Tony Vinson

Tony Vinson AM is "one of Australia's leading social scientists and outspoken public... more »

Tor Hagfors

Tor Hagfors was a Norwegian scientist, radio astronomer, radar expert and a pioneer in the... more »

Trinh Xuan Thuan

Trịnh Xuân Thuận is a Vietnamese-American astrophysicist. Thuận was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. He... more »

Trofim Lysenko

Trofim Denisovich Lysenko was a Soviet biologist and agronomist of Ukrainian origin. Lysenko... more »

Tsuneko Okazaki

Tsuneko Okazaki is a Japanese scientist known for her discovery and research of Okazaki... more »

Tsung-Dao Lee

Tsung-Dao Lee is a Chinese-born American physicist, well known for his work on parity violation,... more »

Tsutomu Oohashi

Tsutomu Ōhashi is a Japanese artist and scientist. He is also known by his pseudonym, Shoji... more »

Tsutomu Shimomura

Tsutomu Shimomura is an American physicist and computer security expert. He is known for helping... more »


Muhammad Mu'min ibn Mir Muhammad Zaman Tunakabuni was a Persian physician from the second half... more »

Turgay Uzer

Ahmet Turgay Uzer is a Turkish-American theoretical physicist. Currently Regents' Professor at... more »

Tyge W. Böcher

Tyge Wittrock Böcher was a Danish botanist, evolutionary biologist, plant ecologist and... more »

Tyson R. Roberts

Tyson R. Roberts is an American ichthyologist. He has been described as "the world's foremost... more »

Tytus Maksymilian Huber

Tytus Maksymilian Huber was a world renowned Polish mechanical engineer, educator, and... more »

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