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Vladimir Kotelnikov

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kotelnikov was an information theory and radar astronomy pioneer from... more »

Vladimir Kvint

Dr. Vladimir Kvint is an economist and strategist, the President of the International Academy of... more »

Vladimir Mackiw

Vladimir Mackiw was a Canadian inventor and industrialist of Ukrainian origin who revolutionized... more »

Vladimir Marchenko

Vladimir Alexandrovich Marchenko is a Ukrainian mathematician who specializes in mathematical... more »

Vladimír Mařík

Prof. Vladimír Mařík, Ph.D. is a Czech scientist and the Head of Department of Cybernetics at... more »

Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasishchev

Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasishchev was a Soviet aircraft designer, Major General of Engineering,... more »

Vladimir Obruchev

Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev was a Russian and Soviet geologist who specialized in the study... more »

Vladimir Platonov

Vladimir Petrovich Platonov is a Soviet, Belarusian and Russian mathematician, expert in... more »

Vladimir Porfiriev

Vladimir Borisovich Porfiryev, Russian: Влади́мир Бори́сович Порфи́рьев, was a Russian and... more »

Vladimir Prelog

Vladimir Prelog FRS was a Croatian-Swiss organic chemist, winner of the 1975 Nobel Prize for... more »

Vladimir Rusanov

Vladimir Alexandrovich Rusanov was an experienced Russian geologist who specialized in the... more »

Vladimir Shukhov

Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov was a Russian engineer-polymath, scientist and architect renowned... more »

Vladimir Syromyatnikov

Vladimir Sergeevich Syromyatnikov was a Soviet and Russian space scientist best known for... more »

Vladimir Veksler

Vladimir Iosifovich Veksler was a prominent Soviet experimental physicist. Veksler's family... more »

Vladimir Vernadsky

Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky was a Ukrainian and Soviet mineralogist and geochemist who is... more »

Vladimir Vetchinkin

Vladimir Petrovich Vetchinkin was a Soviet scientist in the field of aerodynamics, aeronautics,... more »

Vladimir Wiese

Vladimir Yulyevich Vize, was a Russian scientist of German descent who devoted his life to the... more »

Vojtech Alexander

Vojtech Alexander, Alexander Béla was Slovak radiologist, one of the most influential... more »

Volker Kempe

Volker Kempe is a German Scientist, Manager and Entrepreneur more »

Volker Oppitz

Volker Oppitz is a German economist and mathematician. more »

Volodymyr Biletskyy

Volodymyr Stefanovych Biletskyy is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Member of the Academy of... more »

Volodymyr Petryshyn

Walter Volodymyr Petryshyn is a famous Ukrainian mathematician. He had commenced his studies in... more »

Vuk Stefanović Karadžić

Vuk Stefanović Karadžić was a Serbian philologist and linguist who was the major reformer of the... more »

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