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Warder Clyde Allee

Warder Clyde Allee was an American zoologist and ecologist who taught animal ecology. He is best... more »

Warren M. Washington

Warren M. Washington is an American atmospheric scientist, a former chair of the National... more »

Warren Weaver

Warren Weaver, PhD was an American scientist, mathematician, and science administrator. He is... more »

Wassily Leontief

Wassily Wassilyovich Leontief, was a Russian-American economist notable for his research on how... more »

Wei Pu

Wei Pu was an 11th-century Chinese astronomer of the Song Dynasty. He was born a commoner, but... more »

Wei Zheng

Wei Zheng, is an American pharmaceutical scientist. He is the current Head of the School of... more »

Wen Ho Lee

Dr. Wen Ho Lee is a Taiwanese American scientist who worked for the University of California at... more »

Wen Tsing Chow

Wen Tsing Chow, was a Chinese-born American missile guidance scientist and a digital computer... more »

Wendell Hertig Taylor

Wendell Hertig Taylor is an Edgar award winning author. more »

Weng Wenhao

Weng Wenhao was a Chinese geologist, educator, and paramount politician. He was one of the... more »

Werner Heisenberg

Werner Karl Heisenberg was a German theoretical physicist and one of the key creators of quantum... more »

Werner Israel

Werner Israel, OC FRSC FRS is a Canadian physicist. Born in Berlin, Germany and raised in Cape... more »

Werner Rolfinck

Werner Rolfink was a German physician, scientist and botanist. He was a medical student in... more »

Wernher von Braun

Wernher Magnus Maximilian, Freiherr von Braun was a German rocket engineer and space architect... more »

Wiktor Ormicki

Wiktor Ormicki was a Polish geographer and cartographer, a university professor. A specialist in... more »

Wilbur Davenport

Wilbur B. Davenport Jr. was an American engineer and scientist, known for his work on... more »

Wilfrid Derome

Wilfrid Derome was a Quebec forensic scientist known as the founder of the first Forensic... more »

Wilhelm Feldberg

Wilhelm Siegmund Feldberg CBE FRS was a German-British-Jewish physiologist and biologist. more »

Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz

Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz was a German structural chemist who earned his PhD at Berlin in 1844... more »

Wilhelm von Bezold

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm von Bezold was a German physicist and meteorologist born in Munich,... more »

Wilhelm Walcher

Wilhelm Walcher was a German experimental physicist. During World War II, he worked on the... more »

Wilhelm Weinberg

Dr Wilhelm Weinberg was a German physician and obstetrician-gynecologist, practicing in... more »

Wilhelm Wundt

Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt was a German physician, psychologist, physiologist, philosopher, and... more »

Will Wright

William Ralph "Will" Wright is an American video game designer and co-founder of the game... more »

Willard Boyle

Willard Sterling Boyle, CC was a Canadian physicist, and co-inventor of the charge-coupled... more »

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