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Manuel V. Pangilinan

Manuel V. Pangilinan, also known as Manny Pangilinan and MVP, is a Filipino businessman. He is... more »

Manuel Valdés

Manuel "El Loco" Valdés is a Mexican actor and comedian, member of the Valdés family. He is the... more »

Manuel von Stürler

Manuel von Stürler is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Manuela Brandenstein

Manuela Brandenstein was an actress and a screenwriter. more »

Manuela Gretkowska

Manuela Gretkowska is a Polish writer, screenwriter and politician. She is the founder of the... more »

Manuela Montoya

Manuela Montoya is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Manuela Viegas

Manuela Viegas is a film editor and screenwriter. more »

Manya Starr

Manya Starr is a screenwriter. more »

Mao Mao

Mao Mao is a screenwriter and a film director. more »

Mao Samnang

Mao Samnang is a screenwriter. more »

Mar Coll

Mar Coll is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

Mara Ahmed

Mara Ahmed is a film director, screenwriter and film producer. more »

Mara Brock Akil

Mara Brock Akil is an American television writer and producer. more »

Mara Kassin

Mara Kassin is an actress and a film producer. more »

Mara LeGrand

Mara LeGrand is a photojournalist, a writer, a screenwriter and a film producer. more »

Mara Mattuschka

Mara Mattuschka is a film director, film editor, screenwriter, actor, cinematographer and film... more »

Mara Measor

Mara Measor is an actress, screenwriter and film score composer. more »

Mara Nicolescu

Mara Nicolescu is an actress, screenwriter, and film producer. more »

Māra Svīre

Māra Svīre is a screenwriter. more »

Mara Trafficante

Mara Trafficante is a screenwriter. more »

Maralyn Lois Polak

Maralyn Lois Polak is an award-winning eclectic and unconventional American columnist,... more »

Maralyn Thoma

Maralyn Thoma is an American television soap opera writer. more »

Marat Magambetov

Marat Magambetov is a film editor and director. more »

Marat Sarulu

Marat Sarulu is a film director, writer and producer. more »

Marc Henry Johnson

Marc Henry Johnson is a film producer. more »

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