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Marcel Bluwal

Marcel Bluwal is a French film director and screenwriter. He has directed 40 films since 1955. more »

Marcel Bozzuffi

Marcel Bozzuffi was a French film actor, perhaps best remembered for his role as a brutal hitman... more »

Marcel Bystroň

Marcel Bystroň is a screenwriter and film director. more »

Marcel Camus

Marcel Camus was a French film director. He is best known for Orfeu Negro, which won the Golden... more »

Marcel Carné

Marcel Carné was a French film director. A key figure in the poetic realism movement, Carné's... more »

Marcel Cuvelier

Marcel Cuvelier is an actor. more »

Marcel Dubé

Marcel Dubé, OC is a Canadian playwright. He has produced over 300 works for radio, television... more »

Marcel Garbi

Marcel Garbi is a film score composer, film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, film... more »

Marcel Gisler

Marcel Gisler is a Film director, film producer and screenwriter more »

Marcel Grant

Marcel Grant is a filmmaker based in London. He established the independent film production... more »

Marcel Hanoun

Marcel Hanoun is a film director, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor, and... more »

Marcel Ichac

Marcel Ichac was a French alpinist, explorer, photographer and film director. Born in Rueil,... more »

Marcel Jean

Marcel Jean is a film producer, screenwriter and film director. more »

Marcel Jullian

Marcel Jullian is a screenwriter. more »

Marcel Lefebvre

Marcel Lefebvre is a film score composer and screenwriter. more »

Marcel Moussy

Marcel Moussy was a French screenwriter and television director. Moussy was born in Algiers. He... more »

Marcel Ophüls

Marcel Ophuls is a documentary film maker and former actor. more »

Marcel Pagnol

Marcel Pagnol was a French novelist, playwright, and filmmaker. In 1946, he became the first... more »

Marcel Poulin

Marcel Poulin is an actor and screenwriter. more »

Marcel Rasquin

Marcel Rasquin is a Venezuelan film director. He directed the 2010 film Hermano. The film won... more »

Marcel Rodriguez

Marcel Rodriguez is an actor, film producer and screenwriter. more »

Marcel Sabourin

Marcel Sabourin is an actor and screenwriter. more »

Marcel Sarmiento

Marcel Sarmiento is a film director and writer who has created both comedy and horror films, and... more »

Marcel Simard

Marcel Simard was a film producer, film director, and a screenwriter. more »

Marcel Sisniega

Marcel Sisniega Campbell was a Mexican chess Grandmaster and film director. Sisniega Campbell... more »

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