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Pradeepan Raveendran

Pradeepan Raveendran was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka in July 1981. He is a self-taught... more »

Pradip Bhardwaj

Pradip Bhardwaj is a screenwriter. more »

Pradipta Ray

Pradipta Ray is an actor, film director and a screenwriter. more »

Praful Parekh

Praful Parekh is a writer and screenwriter. more »

Praful Tiwari

Praful Tiwari is a screenwriter. more »

Prafulla Chakraborty

Prafulla Chakraborty is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Prafulla Mohanty

Prafulla Mohanty is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Prafulla Sengupta

P. K. Sengupta was a film director. more »

Prakash Berlekar

Prakash Berlekar is a writer. more »

Prakash Jha

Prakash Jha is an Indian film producer-director-screenwriter, who is most known for his... more »

Prakash Kapadia

Prakash Kapadia is a screenwriter. more »

Prakash Kothare

Prakash Kothare is a screenwriter. more »

Prakash Kovelamudi

Prakash Rao Kovelamudi is an Indian actor, screen writer and film director from Telugu cinema... more »

Prakash Mehra

Prakash Mehra was a legendary Hindi film producer and director. He was among the most successful... more »

Prakash Verma

Prakash Verma is a screenwriter,film director and producer. more »

Pramett Chankrasae

Pramett Chankrasae is a screenwriter, cinematographer and actor. more »

Pranab Roy

Pranab Roy is a writer, a screenwriter and an actor. more »

Prasanna Jayakody

Prasanna Jayakody is a budding Sri Lankan film director. His debut film Sankara, won The Special... more »

Prasanna Kumar

Prasanna Kumar is a screenwriter. more »

Prasanna Puwanarajah

Prasanna Puwanarajah is an actor, director and writer. more »

Prasanna Vithanage

Prasanna Vithanage is one of Sri Lanka's most notable filmmakers. His films have won many... more »

Prasant Jena

Prasant Jena is a screenwriter and film producer. more »

Prashant Bhargava

Prashant Bhargava is an award-winning filmmaker and designer. more »

Prashant Chadha

Prashant Chadha is a film director. more »

Prashant Dalvi

Prashant Dalvi is a screenwriter. more »

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