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Cady Noland

Cady Noland is a postmodern conceptual sculptor and an internationally exhibited installation... more »

Caius Gabriel Cibber

Caius Gabriel Cibber was a Danish sculptor, who enjoyed great success in England, and was the... more »

Camille Billops

Camille Billops is a film director and producer, a sculptor, and a printmaker. more »

Carl Akeley

Carl Ethan Akeley was a taxidermist, sculptor, biologist, conservationist, inventor, and nature... more »

Carl Vezerfi-Clemm

Carl Vezerfi-Clemm was a German sculptor, medalist and coin designer. He made commemorative... more »

Carlo Marochetti

Baron Carlo Marochetti was an Italian-born French sculptor. more »

Carlos Luna

Carlos Luna is a contemporary Cuban-American painter, sculptor, printmaker, and ceramicist. more »

Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez is a New York based artist born in 1965 in Spanish Harlem, New York City. He... more »

Carlota De Camargo Nascimento (Loty)

Carlota De Camargo Nascimento (Loty) was a Brazilian sculptor and poet. Carlota de Camargo... more »

Carmel Berkson

Carmel Berkson is an American sculptor known for her documentation and books on Indian art,... more »

Carol Koch

Carol Koch is a sculptor and cosmetic finisher. more »

Cathy de Monchaux

Cathy de Monchaux is a British sculptor. Born in London, de Monchaux studied first at the... more »

Cecil de Blaquiere Howard

Cecil de Blaquiere Howard (1888 - 1956) was a Canadian-born American sculptor and dance teacher. more »

Cesare Stea

Cesare Stea was an American sculptor. more »

Charles de Bériot

Charles Auguste de Bériot was a Belgian violinist and composer. more »

Charles Favre-Bertin

Charles Favre-Bertin is the father of actress Silvia Monfort. more »

Charles Gir

Charles Gir was a painter, sculptor, and cartoonist. more »

Charles Matton

Charles Matton was a Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Screenwriter and Film Director more »

Chris Fitzgerald

Chris Fitzgerald is a special effects technician, a special effects makeup artist, a prosthetic... more »

Chris LeDoux

Chris LeDoux was an American country music singer-songwriter, bronze sculptor and rodeo... more »

Christian Moser

Christian Moser is a sculptor and an artist. more »

Christopher Darga

Christopher Darga is an actor, voice actor and television producer. more »

Claire Volkhart

Claire Volkhart was a painter and sculptor. more »

Constantin Brâncuși

Constantin Brâncuși was a Romanian-born sculptor who made his career in France. As a child he... more »

Constantine Andreou

Constantine Andreou was a painter and sculptor of Greek origin with a highly successful career... more »

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