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S. Cartaino Scarpitta

S. Cartaino Scarpitta was a sculptor. more »

Sally Ryan

Sarah Tack "Sally" Ryan was an American artist and sculptor best known for portrait style pieces... more »

Salvadore Bilotti

Salvadore Bilotti was the father of Queenie Bilotti. more »

Salvatore Scarpitta

Salvatore Scarpitta was an American artist best known for his sculptural studies of motion. more »

Sankha Chaudhury

Sankha Chaudhury was a sculptor. more »

Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze is a contemporary artist who lives and works in New York City. Sze uses ordinary... more »


Scopas or Skopas was an Ancient Greek sculptor and architect, born on the island of Paros... more »

Semir Aslanyürek

Semir Aslanyürek is a film director, writer, film director, actor, sculptor and screenwriter. more »

Setsuko Ono

Setsuko Ono is a sister of Yoko Ono. more »

Seymour Fogel

Seymour Fogel was a pioneer of modern and abstract art during the mid-twentieth century.Born in... more »

Shan Zou Zhou

Shan Zou Zhou (born 1952) is a Chinese American artist based in Chicago. more »

Shinkichi Tajiri

Shinkichi Tajiri was a Dutch-American sculptor of Japanese ancestry. He was also active in... more »

Shirazeh Houshiary

Shirazeh Houshiary is an Iranian installation artist and sculptor. She is a former Turner Prize... more »

Sigismund Goetze

Sigismund Goetze was a painter and sculptor. more »

Sigvald Asbjørnsen

Sigvald Asbjornsen was a Norwegian born American sculptor. more »

Siobhán Hapaska

Siobhán Hapaska is an Irish sculptor. She works with a variety of synthetic materials, and often... more »


Sophroniscus, husband of Phaenarete, was the father of the philosopher Socrates. more »

Stacy Poitras

Stacy Poitras is an American sculptor who is featured in Country Music Television's reality... more »

Stanley Lewis

Stanley Lewis was a Jewish Canadian sculptor, photographer and an internationally renowned art... more »

Stephan Sinding

Stephan Abel Sinding was a Norwegian-Danish sculptor. He moved to Copenhagen in 1883 and had his... more »

Stephen Norrington

Stephen Norrington is a British film director whose credits include Death Machine and the comic... more »

Sterling E. Lanier

Sterling Edmund Lanier was an American editor, science fiction author and sculptor. He is... more »

Stuart McCaffer

Stuart McCaffer is a sculptor, and the husband of Eileen Walsh. more »

Stuart Sherman

Stuart A. Sherman was a performance artist, playwright, filmmaker, videographer, poet, essayist,... more »

Sue Fuller

Sue Fuller was an American sculptor and printmaker who created three-dimensional works with... more »

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