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B. C. Sanyal

Bhabesh Chandra Sanyal commonly known as B. C. Sanyal, the doyen of modernism in Indian art, was... more »

Barankinya Gosta

Barankinya Gosta was a prominent Zimbabwean Chewa sculptor. A native of Mozambique, Barankinya... more »

Barbara Hepworth

Dame Barbara Hepworth DBE was an English artist and sculptor. Her work exemplifies Modernism and... more »

Barney Bright

Jeptha Barnard Bright, Jr, better known as Barney Bright, born in Shelby County, Kentucky and... more »

Barry Flanagan

Barry Flanagan RA OBE was a Welsh sculptor. He is best known for his bronze statues of hares and... more »

Benjamin Creswick

Benjamin Creswick was an English sculptor. more »

Benjamin Paul Akers

Benjamin Paul Akers was an American sculptor, from Maine. more »

Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins

Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins was an English sculptor and natural history artist renowned for his... more »

Benny Bufano

Beniamino Bufano was a California-based Italian American sculptor, best known for his... more »

Bernard Matemera

Bernard Matemera was a Zimbabwean sculptor. The sculptural movement of which he was part is... more »

Bernhard Bleeker

Josef Bernhard Maria Bleeker was a German sculptor. more »

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Bertel Thorvaldsen was a Danish sculptor of international fame, who spent most of his life in... more »

Bessie Potter Vonnoh

Bessie Potter Vonnoh was an American sculptor best known for her small bronzes, mostly of... more »

Beverly Pepper

Beverly Pepper is an American sculptor known for her monumental works, site specific and land... more »

Bili Bidjocka

Bili Bidjocka is a contemporary Cameroonian artist best known for his installations and... more »

Bill Bollinger

Bill Bollinger was an American artist. In the late 1960s, he was one of the foremost sculptors... more »

Billie Lawless

Billie Lawless is an American sculptor. more »

Blair Buswell

Blair Buswell is an American artist who specializes in sports sculptures. Buswell began his... more »

Boaz Vaadia

Boaz Vaadia is an American/Israeli figurative art sculptor known for working with bluestone slate. more »

Bohumil Kafka

Bohumil Kafka was a Czech sculptor and pedagogue, born February 14, 1878 in Nová Paka, Bohemia... more »

Boris Kalin

Boris Kalin was a Slovene sculptor. He mainly created classically formed portraits, public... more »

Branislav Dešković

Branislav Dešković was a Croatian sculptor, best known for his expressive animal sculptures,... more »

Brian Kokoska

Brian Kokoska is a New York-based artist best known for his paintings, sculptures and installations. more »

Brian Muir

Brian Muir is a British sculptor who most famously created Darth Vader's helmet and armour using... more »

Bryant Baker

Percy Bryant Baker, better known as Bryant Baker, was a British-born American sculptor. He... more »