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Edith Lanchester

Edith Lanchester was the secretary to Eleanor Marx. more »

Edith Rhoda Hockey

Edith Rhoda Hockey was the mother of Benjamin Britten. more »

Edith Siegel

Edith Siegel is the mother of Robert Siegel. more »

Eileen Lynch

Eileen Lynch is a secretary. more »

Elaine Solomon

Elaine Solomon appeared in the In God We Trust documentary film. more »

Eleanor Clay Ford

Eleanor Clay Ford was the mother of Henry Ford II. more »

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was a nationally recognized American... more »

Eleanor Louise Cowell

Eleanor Louise Cowell was the mother of Ted Bundy. more »

Eleanor Squillari

Eleanor Squillari appeared in the In God We Trust documentary film. more »

Elia Moreschi

Elia Moreschi is a Secretary and the mother of Don Kress. more »

Elizabeth Kaitan

Elizabeth Kaitan is a Hungarian-American actress and model. more »

Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth Mills is the wife of the late Stephen Boyd. more »

Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams was a stenographer. more »

Elsa Meza

Elsa Meza is the mother of Cheech Marin. more »

Emily Marshall

Emily Marshall is a screenwriter and a secretary. more »

Erna Gruhn

Erna Gruhn was married to Werner von Blomberg. more »

Ernestine Campbell

Ernestine Campbell is the ex-wife of Little Richard. more »

Esther Hoffe

Ilse Esther Hoffe was a Jewish woman known for being the secretary and presumed mistress of... more »

Evelyn Horne Sharpe

Evelyn Horne Sharpe is the mother of Cornelia Sharpe. more »

Evelyn Morton

Evelyn Morton is a secretary and the mother of actor Joe Morton. more »