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Scot Coogan

Scot Coogan is an American Musician known for his accomplished drumming and vocal skills,... more »

Scott Thurston

Scott Troy Thurston is an American guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, and session musician. He... more »

Sean O'Keefe

Sean O'Keefe is an American record producer, mixer, and engineer based in Chicago, IL. Sean is... more »

Sebastian Steinberg

Sebastian Steinberg is an American bass player, best known for his work in the band Soul Coughing. more »

Shane Fontayne

Shane Fontayne is the professional name of English rock guitarist Mick Barakan. Active since the... more »

Shaun Huberts

Shaun Huberts is a musician, songwriter, and producer and was the bassist for the Christian... more »

Sonia Jones

Sonia Jones is a singer who is recognised for her session, touring and soundtrack performances... more »

Space UK

Space UK are a London, UK based collective featuring some of the UK's most sought after session... more »

Spooner Oldham

Dewey Lindon "Spooner" Oldham is an American songwriter and session musician. An organist, he... more »

Steve Berlin

Steve Berlin is an American saxophonist, keyboardist and record producer, best known as a member... more »

Steve Gadd

Stephen Kendall "Steve" Gadd is an American musician. Gadd is one of the most well-known and... more »

Stuart Duncan

Stuart Duncan is an American bluegrass musician who plays the fiddle, mandolin, guitar and... more »

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