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T-Bone Burnett

Joseph Henry "T-Bone" Burnett is an American musician, songwriter, and soundtrack and record... more »

T-Bone Walker

Aaron Thibeaux "T-Bone" Walker was a critically acclaimed American blues guitarist, singer,... more »


Faheem Rasheed Najm, who goes by his stage name T-Pain, is an American singer-songwriter,... more »

T. Texas Tyler

David Luke Myrick, known professionally as T. Texas Tyler, was an American country music singer... more »

Tabitha Duncan

Tabitha Duncan is a singer and songwriter, she is a member of the musical group, Kut Klose. more »

Tad Robinson

Tad Robinson is an American soul blues singer. Robinson was born and raised in New York City,... more »

Tadayoshi Ōkura

Tadayoshi Okura is a Japanese idol, singer, actor, and radio host. He is also a member and the... more »

Tadeusz Nalepa

Tadeusz Nalepa – was a Polish composer, guitar player, vocalist, and lyricist. more »

Taeko Onuki

Taeko Onuki is a singer-songwriter. more »


Tahis is a Spanish singer. more »

Taio Cruz

Jacob Taio Cruz, known professionally as Taio Cruz, is a British singer-songwriter, record... more »

Taj Mahal

Henry Saint Clair Fredericks, who uses the stage name Taj Mahal, is an American Grammy... more »

Tajna Tanovic

Tajna Tanovic is a German singer–songwriter and actress born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina... more »

Takako Shirai

Takako Shirai is a Japanese singer. First solo, then with his band Crazy Boys she was one of the... more »

Takako Tate

Takako Tate is a singer-songwriter. more »

Takuro Yoshida

Takuro Yoshida is a Japanese male singer-songwriter. He was born on April 5, 1946 in Okuchi,... more »

Takuya Komatsu

Takuya Komatsu is an actor. more »

Takuya Ōhashi

Takuya Ōhashi is a singer-songwriter. more »


Tal Benyerzi, professionally known by her mononym Tal, is an Israeli-born French... more »

Tal Bachman

Talmage Charles Robert "Tal" Bachman is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. He is best... more »

Talay Riley

Talay Riley is a British singer signed to record label Sony Music and RCA Music Group. Riley... more »

Talia Paul

Talia Paul is an actress. more »

Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall, is a musician based in London, UK. In 2007, she was invited by Shirley Bassey... more »

Tally Koren

Tally Koren is an Israeli-born singer-songwriter. Her first single Beauty of the Duty was placed... more »


Tamar Estine Braxton-Herbert, commonly known by her maiden name Tamar Braxton, is an American... more »

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