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Yoo Chae-yeong

Yoo Chae-yeong is a South Korean singer and actress. She debuted at the age of 17 and was a... more »

Yoo Young-jin

Yoo Young-jin is a member of the musical group, SMTOWN. more »

Yoon-ah Kim

Yoon-ah Kim is an actress and a musician. more »

Yōsui Inoue

Yōsui Inoue is a Japanese singer, lyricist, composer, guitarist and record producer, who is an... more »

Yotam Ben Horin

Yotam Ben Horin is an Israeli musician best known for his work as the lead singer and bassist... more »

You Hee-yeol

Yoo Hee-yeol, stylized as You Hee-yeol is a Korean pop singer-songwriter, composer and pianist... more »

Young Maylay

Christopher "Chris" Bellard also known by his stage name, Young Maylay, is an American West... more »

Young MC

Marvin Young, better known by his stage name Young M.C., is an English-born American singer,... more »

Yoyoy Villame

Yoyoy Villame, was a Filipino singer, composer, lyricist, and comedian. Villame was a native of... more »

Yu Takahashi

Yu Takahashi is a Japanese singer-songwriter. He debuted on a major label in 2010, with his... more »


Yui is a Japanese singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actress and radio... more »

Yui Aragaki

Yui Aragaki is a Japanese idol, model, actress, singer, voice actress and occasional radio show... more »

Yuki Saitō

Yuki Saito is a Japanese singer-songwriter, actress, essayist, author, and poet. Her married... more »

Yukihide Takekawa

Yukihide Takekawa is a Japanese singer-songwriter from Urawa-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture. He... more »


yukihiro is a Japanese musician, best known as drummer of the rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. He also... more »

Yukiko Okada

Yukiko Okada was a Japanese pop singer and winner of the talent show, Star Tanjō! in Tokyo, Japan. more »

Yuko Hara

Yuko Hara plays the keyboards for Southern All Stars. She is an accomplished vocalist, and... more »


Yunalis Mat Zara'ai, commercially known as Yuna, is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, and... more »

Yuna Ito

Yuna Ito is an American pop recording artist and actress who is active in Japan. She was born in... more »

Yungchen Lhamo

Yungchen Lhamo is a Tibetan singer-songwriter living in exile in New York City. She has won an... more »

Yuriy Kaplan

Yuriy Kaplan is a musician and singer-songwriter. more »

Yusuf Islam

Yusuf Islam, commonly known by his former stage name Cat Stevens, is a British... more »

Yusuke Kamiji

Yusuke Kamiji is a Japanese actor, singer, and tarento. In the music world, he is known... more »

Yutaro Miura

Yutaro Miura is a singer, songwriter and actor. more »

Yūzō Kayama

Yūzō Kayama (加山 雄三, Kayama Yūzō) is a Japanese popular musician and film star, born on 11 April... more »

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