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Adrian Gaxha

Adrian Gaxha is an Albanian singer-songwriter and producer from Macedonia. more »

Adrian Gurvitz

Adrian Gurvitz is an English singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. His prolific... more »

Adrian Hates

Adrian Hates ist Gründer, Kopf, Sänger, Komponist und Produzent der Musikgruppe Diary of Dreams. more »

Adrian Ivanițchi

Adrian Ivaniţchi is a Romanian folk musician and guitarist. He was one of the founding members... more »

Adrian Kali Turner

Adrian Kali Turner is an actor, dancer, singer, writer and entrepreneur. more »

Adrian Kowanek

Adrian Kowanek, also known as Covan, is a Polish musician. He is the former lead vocalist of the... more »

Adrian Perry

Adrian Perry is a singer and the son of musician Joe Perry and Elyssa Jerret. more »

Adrian Portas

Adrian Portas is an English musician, singer and songwriter. Portas plays several instruments... more »

Adrián Rodríguez

Adrián Rodríguez Moya is a Spanish actor and singer from Catalonia. He is perhaps the best known... more »

Adrian Shaw

Adrian Shaw, frequently known as Ade Shaw, is a musician primarily working in the psychedelic... more »

Adrian Snell

Adrian Snell is an English pianist, keyboard player, singer and composer. more »

Adrian Stern

Adrian Stern ist ein Schweizer Sänger und Songschreiber aus Baden, der im Ostaargauer Dialekt singt. more »

Adrián Varela

Adrián Eduardo Varela Avilés was a contestant of the fourth generation of popular Mexican... more »

Adrian Zahiri

Adrian Zahiri is a voice actor and a singer. more »

Adriana Basile

Adriana Basile was an Italian composer and singer. more »

Adriana Caselotti

Adriana Caselotti was an American voice actress and singer. Caselotti was the voice of the title... more »

Adriana Evans

Adriana Evans, is an American R&B soul singer-songwriter. She was born 1974 in San Francisco,... more »

Adriana Ferrarese del Bene

Adriana Ferrarese del Bene was an Italian operatic soprano. She was one of the first performers... more »

Adriana Fricke

Adriana Fricke is an actress and singer. more »

Adriana Lessa

Adriana Victor Lessa is an actress, singer, presenter and broadcaster in Brazil. more »

Adriana Lucía

Adriana Lucía is a pop singer. more »

Adriana Nano

Adriana Nano
 is a Latin Grammy nominated singer. more »

Adriana Spuria

Adriana Spuria is a singer, composer and a songwriter. more »

Adriana Varela

Adriana Varela is a female Argentine tango singer, with a successful career that encompasses... more »

Adriano Cintra

Adriano Ferreira Cintra is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and producer, also known as an... more »

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