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Gerry Boulet

Joseph Gaétan Robert Gérald Boulet was a Canadian rock singer. Most famous as vocalist for the... more »

Gerry Cullen

Gerry Cullen appeared in the 1996 drama film The Disappearance of Finbar. more »

Gerry Granahan

Gerry Granahan is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for his work... more »

Gerry Laffy

Gerry Laffy is a singer and guitarist who has played in the bands Girl, London Cowboys, Sheer... more »

Gerry Marsden

Gerard "Gerry" Marsden MBE is an English musician and television personality, best known for... more »

Gerry McGhee

Gerry McGhee is a Scottish singer who is most famous for singing for the Canadian glam metal... more »

Gerry Monroe

Gerry Monroe was an English pop singer, who enjoyed brief popularity in the early 1970s. Born... more »

Gerry O'Beirne

Gerry O'Beirne is a member of musical group Gregorian. more »

Gerry Owens

Gerry Owens is the vocalist, songwriter, arranger and producer of Irish Industrial rock band... more »

Gerry Polci

Gerry Polci is a singer. more »

Gerry Stroup

Gerry Stroup is a singer. more »

Gert Bettens

Gert Bettens is the lead guitarist of the Belgian band K's Choice. He, with his sister Sarah... more »

Gertie Gitana

Gertie Gitana was a British music hall entertainer. She was born Gertrude Mary Astbury in... more »

Gertie Millar

Gertrude "Gertie" Millar was an English actress and singer of the early 20th century, known for... more »

Gertrud Elisabeth Mara

Gertrud Elisabeth Mara [née Schmeling] was a German operatic soprano. more »

Gertrude Bryan

Gertrude Bryan was a stage actress who appeared on Broadway in the early 20th century. more »

Gertrude Johnson

Gertrude Emily Johnson OBE was an Australian coloratura soprano and founder of the National... more »

Gertrude Lawrence

Gertrude Lawrence was an English actress, singer, dancer and musical comedy performer known for... more »

Gertrude Ward

Gertrude Ward was a singer. more »

Gervase Cary Elwes

Gervase Henry Cary-Elwes, DL, better known as Gervase Elwes, was an English tenor of great... more »


José Gervasio Viera Rodríguez, also simply known as Gervasio, was an Uruguayan singer who... more »

Gery Scott

Gery Scott was a jazz and cabaret entertainer and teacher, whose performing career spanned 26... more »

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly is the stage name of English artist Sam Duckworth and his band. He is... more »

Geta Burlacu

Geta Burlacu is a Moldovan jazz singer. Burlacu represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song... more »

Geula Gill

Geula Gill is an actress. more »

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