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Gaëlle Méchaly

Gaëlle Méchaly is a soprano. She is a frequent member of Les Arts Florissants and has appeared... more »

Gaëtan Roussel

Gaëtan Roussel is a French singer, songwriter and composer. more »

Gaetano Berenstadt

Gaetano Berenstadt was an Italian alto castrato who is best remembered for his association with... more »


Pierre Gage, known by his last name Gage, is a Francophone Canadian singer/songwriter of... more »

Gail Ann Dorsey

Gail Ann Dorsey is an American musician. With a distinguished career as a session musician, she... more »

Gail Dahms

Gail Dahms is a Juno Award nominated for Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year in the 1977... more »

Gail Davies

Gail Davies is an American singer/songwriter and the first female record producer in the history... more »

Gail Edwards

Gail June Edwards is a retired American actress best known for her roles as Dot Higgins in ABC's... more »

Gail Farrell

Gail Farrell is an American singer and songwriter, best known for her work on the variety... more »

Gail Frusciante

Gail Frusciante is the mother of John Frusciante. more »


Gala is an Italian pop singer-songwriter. Dance cult artist known for her minimalist look and... more »

Gala Évora

Gala Évora is a Spanish singer and actress who has recorded a number of hit songs and received... more »

Gale Dixon

Gale Dixon is an American actress and singer who had a brief but active career in theatre,... more »

Gale Garnett

Gale Zoë Garnett is a New Zealand-born Canadian singer best known in the United States for her... more »

Gale Page

Gale Page was an American actress. Born Sally Perkins Rutter in Spokane, Washington, Page was a... more »

Gale Robbins

Gale Robbins was an American actress and singer. Born in Indiana, Robbins graduated from high... more »

Gale Storm

Gale Storm was an American actress and singer who starred in two popular television programs of... more »

Gali Atari

Avigail "Gali" Atari is an Israeli actress and singer. She is the sister of Yona Atari, a singer... more »

Galia Chai

Galia Chai is a member of the musical group Panic Ensemble. more »


Freddy Sahin-Scholl is a German-American-Turkish singer and composer. In addition to his real... more »

Galina Gorchakova

Galina Gorchakova is a distinguished Russian lyric soprano. more »

Galip Sokullu

Galip Sokullu is a Turkish vocalist. He was born in the Sultantepe district in Istanbul, Turkey. more »

Gallen Lo

Gallen Lo Ka-leung is a Hong Kong actor and singer who primarily acts in television series. He... more »

Gamble Rogers

James Gamble Rogers IV was a folk artist musician and storyteller known for the recurring theme... more »

Ganesh Hegde

Ganesh Hegde is an Indian singer, performer, video director and Bollywood choreographer. more »

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