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Patricia Routledge

Katherine Patricia Routledge, CBE, is an English actress and singer. She is best known for her... more »

Patricia Rozario

Patricia Rozario, OBE is a Bombay-born British soprano. Born and educated in Bombay, India, she... more »

Patricia Shirley

Patricia Shirley is a Juno Award nominated music artist. more »

Patricia Stasiak

Patricia Stasiak is an actress. more »

Patricia Villasaña

Patricia Villasaña is a singer. more »

Patricia Vittek

Patricia Vittek is a pop singer and wife of Robert Vittek. more »

Patricia Vonne

Patricia Vonne is an American singer and actress. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Vonne, born... more »

Patrician Anne McKinnon

Patrician Anne McKinnon was an actress. more »

Patricio Borghetti

Juan Patricio Borghetti Imérito is an Argentine actor and singer. At the age of fourteen, he... more »

Patricio Manns

Patricio Manns is a Chilean composer, author, poet, novelist, essayist, play writer and journalist. more »

Patricio Sardelli

Patricio Sardelli is a member of the rock band Airbag. more »

Patrick Bergin

Patrick Connolly Bergin is an Irish actor and singer. more »

Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel is a French singer, actor, and professional poker player of Jewish descent. more »

Patrick Clancy

Patrick Michael Clancy, usually called Paddy Clancy or Pat Clancy, was an Irish folk singer best... more »

Patrick Claypool

Patrick Claypool is a singer. more »

Patrick Duff

Patrick Duff is an English singer-songwriter, and was the lead singer of the alternative rock... more »

Patrick Fiori

Patrick Fiori is a French singer. more »

Patrick Flueger

Patrick John Flueger is an American actor, known for his lead role in the television series The... more »

Patrick Galvin

Patrick Galvin was an Irish poet, singer, playwright, and prose and screen writer born in Cork's... more »

Patrick Gillett

Patrick Gillett is a singer and musician. more »

Patrick Greene

Patrick Greene is an American composer and performer of contemporary classical music. A lifelong... more »

Patrick Haedtler

Patrick Haedtler is a member of Masterpiece. more »

Patrick Hernandez

Patrick Hernández is a French singer who had a worldwide hit with "Born to Be Alive" in 1979. more »

Patrick Jurdić

Patrick Jurdić is an Austro-Croatian singer who rose to popularity after winning Hrvatski Idol... more »

Patrick Juvet

Patrick Juvet is a former model turned singer-songwriter, who had a string of hit records in... more »

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