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Loudy Wiggins

Loudy Wiggins is an Palestinian-born Australian diver. She was born in Haifa, Israel and is of a... more »

Louis Delfino

Louis Delfino was a French fighter ace in World War II and a General in the French Air... more »

Louis Gompertz

Martin Louis Alan Gompertz was an Anglo-Indian soldier and writer, born in India, also known by... more »

Louis Martin

Louis Martin is a war veteran. more »

Louis McGuffie

Louis McGuffie VC was a Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most... more »

Lt. Col. Malcolm Bernard Campbell

Lt. Col. Malcolm Bernard Campbell was the husband of Joan O'Brien. more »

Lt. George Murphy

George Murphy was a passenger onboard TWA flight 128. He survived the crash on November 20,1967... more »

Lt.-Col. Arthur Edward Croker-Poole

Lt.-Col. Arthur Edward Croker-Poole was a soldier. more »

Lü Zhengcao

Lü Zhengcao was a Chinese military officer. He was one of the original Shang Jiang of the... more »

Luang Ruangdetanan

Luang Ruangdetanan was the father of Sarit Thanarat. more »

Lucius Cornelius Sulla

Lucius Cornelius Sulla was a Roman senator of the Augustan age. Perhaps he was a son of Publius... more »

Lucius Fairchild

Lucius Fairchild was an American politician, army general, and diplomat. He served as the tenth... more »

Lucius Volumnius Flamma Violens

Lucius Volumnius Flamma Violens was a consul of the Roman Republic, a novus homo who was the... more »

Ludovic Colquhoun

Ludovic Colquhoun also known as Ludwig Colquhoun, was a 19th-century politician, Texas Senator... more »

Ludovico Arroyo Bañas

Ludovico Arroyo Bañas was one of the pioneers in the history of Telecommunications in the... more »

Ludvig Frederik Brock

Ludvig Frederik Brock was a Norwegian military officer. more »

Ludvík Svoboda

Ludvík Svoboda was a Czechoslovak general and politician. He fought in both World Wars, for... more »

Luigi Agostino Lodde

Luigi Agostino Lodde is an athlete and a soldier. more »

Luigi Gui

Luigi Gui was an Italian politician and philosopher. Gui was born in Padua. He graduated in... more »

Luis Antonio Argüello

Luis Antonio Argüello was the first Californio governor of Alta California, serving from 1822 to... more »

Luis José de Orbegoso

Luis José de Orbegoso y Moncada-Galindo, de Burutarán y Morales 5th conde de Olmos, an... more »

Luiz Floriano Meneghel

Luiz Floriano Meneghel is a soldier. more »

Luiza Almeida

Luiza Tavares de Almeida is a Brazilian dressage rider. She is represented Brazil at the 2012... more »

Luke O'Connor

Major General Sir Luke O'Connor VC, KCB was a British soldier. He was the first soldier to... more »

Lung Huai-sheng

Lung Huai-sheng was a soldier and the father of Lung Ying-tai. more »

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