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M. A. Yegorov

Mikhail Alekseevich Yegorov, along with Meliton Kantaria and Alexei Berest, was one of the three... more »

M. G. Soman

M. G. Soman was an actor in Malayalam film. Soman's last film was Lelam in 1997. He has also... more »

Maaike Polspoel

Maaike Polspoel is a Belgian road bicycle racer. She competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the... more »

Mahammad Magomayev

Mahammad Magomayev was a soldier and a scenic designer. more »


Maier was a soldier. more »

Majdi Halabi

Majdi Halabi, alternatively Majdy Halabi or Majdi Halaby, was an Israeli Druze soldier from the... more »

Major Charles Alva Dale

Major Charles Alva Dale was a United States Army soldier whose plane crashed or was shot down... more »

Major Charles Bush Hearn

Major Charles Bush Hearn is the father of Lafcadio Hearn and a Surgeon. more »

Major General W.O.Bowen

Major General W.O.Bowen is the father of Trevor Bowen. more »

Major George Tyler Burroughs

Major George Tyler Burroughs was the father of Edgar Rice Burroughs. more »

Major J.H. Willis

Major J.H. Willis is a soldier. more »

Malachy McCourt

Malachy McCourt was a soldier and the father of Malachy McCourt. more »

Malcolm Forbes

Malcolm Stevenson Forbes was publisher of Forbes magazine, founded by his father B. C. Forbes... more »

Malcolm White

Malcolm White is the husband of Gloria Marlen. more »

Manfred Reyes Villa

Manfred Reyes Villa is a Bolivian politician, who was mayor of Cochabamba four times in a row... more »

Mangal Pandey

Mangal Pandey, was an Indian soldier who played a key part in events immediately preceding the... more »

Manley Angell James

Brigadier Manley Angell James VC, DSO, MBE, MC was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross,... more »

Mann Rubin

Mann Rubin was a screenwriter. more »

Manuel de Cendoya

Manuel de Cendoya was a Soldier and the governor of Florida between 1670 and 1675. His rule was... more »

Manuel del Campo

Manuel del Campo was a Mexican film editor working in Hollywood and British film. He became the... more »

Manuel Micheltorena

José Manuel Micheltorena was a brigadier general of the Mexican Army, adjutant-general of the... more »

Manuel Quezon

Manuel Luis Quezón y Molina served as president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines from 1935... more »

Manuel Roxas

Manuel Acuña Roxas was the fifth President of the Philippines, the last of the Commonwealth of... more »

Manuel Urrego

Manuel Urrego is the son of Manuel Urrego. more »

Mao Anying

Mao Anying was the eldest son of Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui. Educated in Moscow and a veteran of... more »

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