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Yakov Dzhugashvili

Yakov Iosifovich Dzhugashvili was one of Joseph Stalin's three children. Yakov was the son of... more »

Yakov Solovey

Yakov Solovey is the father of actor Yelena Solovey. more »

Yane Marques

Yane Marques is a modern pentathlon athlete from Brazil. She won the 2006 South American... more »

Yang Baibing

Yang Baibing was a general in the People's Liberation Army. more »

Yang Jingyu

Yang Jingyu, born Ma Shangde in Queshan, Henan, was a Chinese Communist, commander-in-chief and... more »

Yannick Lebherz

Yannick Lebherz is a German swimmer who won a gold and a silver medal at the 2010 European Short... more »

Yasuhiro Suzuki

Yasuhiro Suzuki is an athlete. more »

Yeshwant Ghadge

Yeshwant Ghadge VC was an Indian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most... more »

Yigael Yadin

Yigael Yadin was an Israeli archeologist, politician, and the second Chief of Staff of the... more »

Yonatan Netanyahu

Yonatan "Yoni" Netanyahu, was the commander of the elite Israeli army commando unit Sayeret... more »

Yōzō Toyoshima

Yōzō Toyoshima was the tenth mayor of Hiroshima from January 29 to April 2, 1914. more »

Yu Qiangsheng

俞強聲,浙江紹興人,原中華人民共和國官員,後逃到美國。 more »

Yuan Shikai

Yuan Shikai was an important Chinese general and politician, famous for his influence during the... more »

Yuemin Li

Yuemin Li is an actress. more »

Yuliya Gushchina

Yuliya Aleksandrovna Gushchina is a Russian sprinter who specializes in the 200... more »

Yuriy Aleksandrovich Panteleyev

Yuriy Aleksandrovich Panteleyev was Soviet admiral. more »

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