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Aamer Anwar

Aamer Anwar is a Scottish lawyer of Pakistani background. He is noted for his left-wing... more »

Adrian Davies

Adrian Michael Davies is a barrister and a member of Lincoln's Inn, London. He was formerly a... more »

Adrian Hoggarth

Adrian joined Prolegal in August 2011 to head up the firm's employment law team. Adrian... more »

Alan Loxton

Alan Hamilton Loxton was the Senior Partner at Allen, Allen and Hemsley, Australia's oldest law... more »

Alan Shatter

Alan Joseph Shatter is an Irish Fine Gael politician. He is a Teachta Dála for the Dublin South... more »

Albert Gould

Sir Albert John Gould was an Australian politician and solicitor who served as the second... more »

Albert James Lewis

Albert James Lewis was the father of C.S. Lewis. more »

Alberto Agra

Alberto Agra was the former acting Justice secretary of the Republic of the Philippines. He was... more »

Albion Richardson

Sir Albion Henry Herbert Richardson was a British barrister and Liberal Party politician. The... more »

Alec George Troughton

Alec George Troughton was a solicitor and the father of Patrick Troughton. more »

Alex Attwood

Alex Attwood MLA is an Irish politician, who served as Minister for Environment in the Northern... more »

Alexander MacEwan

Sir Alexander Malcolm MacEwen Kt. was a Scottish solicitor and the first leader of the Scottish... more »

Alfredo Benipayo

Alfredo Logronio Benipayo is the former Dean of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil... more »

Ambrose T. Hartman

Ambrose Thomas "Andy" Hartman, served as Deputy City Solicitor for Baltimore City from 1959 to... more »

Andrew Brackfield

Andrew Brackfield is a solicitor. He appeared in the documentary film series Up. more »

Andrew Cheng

Andrew Cheng Kar-foo BA, MA, MEd, PCLL is a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong... more »

Andrew Fraser

Andrew Fraser is a former high-profile Melbourne based lawyer who was sentenced to seven years'... more »

Andrew Leigh

Andrew Keith Leigh is an Australian politician and former professor of economics at the... more »

Andrew Steel

Andrew Steel is the father of Laura Steel. more »

Angelo Cemmi

Angelo Cemmi was a member of the Italian Christian Democracy, and was an Italian Senator from... more »

Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary is a British former solicitor and also, before it was proscribed, spokesman for... more »

Ann McKechin

Ann McKechin is a British Labour Party politician and has been a Member of Parliament since... more »

Anna Cole

Anna Cole is a solicitor and the ex-partner of Steve Coogan. more »

Anthony Kamanga

Anthony D. Kamanga is a lawyer who has held various senior official positions in Malawi, and as... more »

Antonio Eduardo Nachura

Antonio Eduardo B. Nachura was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines... more »

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