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Benny Bell

Benny Bell was an American singer-songwriter who reached popularity in the 1940s, with a... more »

Benny Blanco

Benjamin Levin, professionally known as Benny Blanco, is an American rapper, musician,... more »

Benny Davis

Benny Davis was a vaudeville performer and writer of popular songs. He composed the classic 1926... more »

Benny Goodman

Benjamin David "Benny" Goodman was an American jazz and swing musician, clarinetist and... more »

Benny Hester

Benny Ray Hester is an American musician, singer, songwriter and recording artist. He is perhaps... more »

Benny Krueger

Benny Krueger was an American jazz saxophonist. Krueger had the distinction of being one of the... more »

Benny Mardones

Benny Mardones is an American pop singer and songwriter who is best known for his hit single... more »

Benoît Poher

Benoît "Ben" Poher is a French singer, songwriter. He was a lead singer at various times in the... more »


Berend is a member of the German pop band Paula. more »


Berksan is a singer, songwriter, composer and actor. more »

Bernard Belle

Bernard Belle is an American composer, producer and musician. After starting his career as an... more »

Bernard Butler

Bernard Joseph Butler is an English musician and record producer. He first emerged as a key... more »

Bernard Edwards

Bernard Edwards was a bass player, singer, songwriter and record producer, both as a member of... more »

Bernard Fowler

Bernard Fowler is an American musician, songwriter, producer, and actor. He has provided backing... more »

Bernard Rhodes

Bernard Rhodes is the former manager of English punk rock band The Clash. He previously... more »

Bernard Sumner

Bernard Edward Sumner, also known as Bernard Dickin, Bernard Dicken and Bernard Albrecht, is an... more »

Berni Flint

Berni Flint is a singer and songwriter who holds the record for the longest continuous run of... more »

Bernice Petkere

Bernice Petkere was an American songwriter. She was dubbed the "Queen of Tin Pan Alley" by... more »

Bernice Williams

Bernice Williams is an American songwriter, who wrote the 1960s song "Duke of Earl" along with... more »

Bernie Baum

Bernie Baum was a songwriter who worked extensively with Elvis Presley. He grew up in New York... more »

Bernie Chiaravalle

Bernie Chiaravalle is the guitarist for singer Michael McDonald and has also been a songwriting... more »

Bernie Hanighen

Bernard D. Hanighen was an American songwriter best known for co-writing "'Round Midnight" and... more »

Bernie LaBarge

Bernie LaBarge is a Canadian guitarist, singer, and songwriter. more »

Bernie Leadon

Bernard Mathew "Bernie" Leadon, III, is an American musician and songwriter, best known as a... more »

Bernie Lowe

Bernie Lowe was an American songwriter / record producer / arranger / pianist and... more »

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