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Mark Mcclelland

Mark Peter McClelland is a musician from Northern Ireland, known best as the former bass... more »

Mark Mendoza

Mark "The Animal" Mendoza is an American rock bassist and a member of the American heavy metal... more »

Mark Morriss

Mark James Morriss is an English singer-songwriter, formerly the lead singer for The Bluetones,... more »

Mark Morton

Mark Duane Morton is the lead guitarist of the American groove metal band Lamb of God. more »

Mark Mueller

Mark Mueller is an American songwriter whose career spans pop music, television, film and stage... more »

Mark Northfield

Mark Northfield is a musician based in London. more »

Mark Passy

Mark Passy is a composer and a songwriter. more »

Mark Pender

Mark "The Loveman" Pender is a trumpet player and vocalist who has played with Southside Johnny,... more »

Mark Pickerel

Mark Pickerel is best known as the original drummer for the Screaming Trees, a rock group from... more »

Mark Purcell

Mark Purcell is the brother of Doug Purcell. more »

Mark Radice

Mark Radice is an American singer/musician and producer, who has worked with a variety of... more »

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts sang and played the guitar during his teenage years in the local Welsh band, Y... more »

Mark Roebuck

Mark Roebuck is a composer and musician living near Charlottesville, Virginia, known primarily... more »

Mark Saltzman

Mark Saltzman began his career in New York City as a script writer and songwriter for Sesame... more »

Mark Seymour

Mark Seymour is an Australian musician and vocalist best known for his work as the frontman and... more »

Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw is an English singer who formed the 1980s rock band Then Jerico, which he continues to... more »

Mark Siegel

Mark Siegel is known both as an author, illustrator, and as the editorial director of First... more »

Mark Slaughter

Mark Allen Slaughter is an American singer and musician. He is one of the founders of the hard... more »

Mark Spiro

Mark Spiro is an American songwriter, record producer and recording artist. Represented on over... more »

Mark Stoermer

Mark August Stoermer is an American musician, producer and songwriter best known for being the... more »

Mark Tabak

Mark Tabak is a record producer, songwriter and musician. more »

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a Grammy Award winning British record producer and songwriter. Having sold over... more »

Mark Tremonti

Mark Thomas Tremonti is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the lead guitarist of... more »

Mark Turner

Mark Turner is an American jazz saxophonist. more »

Mark Volman

Mark Volman is an American rock and roll guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, best known as a... more »

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