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Marcella Detroit

Marcella Detroit is a soprano vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. She released her debut album... more »

Marcellus Schiffer

Marcellus Schiffer was a songwriter and screenwriter. more »


Marčelo, born Marko Šelić on January 22, 1983 in Paraćin, Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia, and is a... more »

Marcelo Corvalán

Marcelo Corvalan is a singer, songwriter and bassist. more »

Marcelo Fromer

Marcelo Fromer was the guitarist of Brazilian rock band Titãs. One of the founding members and... more »

Marci Geller

Marci Anne Geller is an American singer-songwriter and a native of Long Island, New York. She is... more »

Marcin Nowak

Marcin "Novy" Nowak is a Polish death metal musician known for his contribution to the bands... more »

Marco Hietala

Marko Tapani "Marco" Hietala is a heavy metal vocalist, bass guitarist and songwriter... more »

Marco Marinangeli

Marco Marinangeli is a Grammy-nominated Italian composer, songwriter and producer. He is the... more »

Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza is an American rock musician, the bass guitarist with Thin Lizzy. more »

Marco Moré

Marco Antonio Moreno García, better known as Marco Moré, is a Mexican singer, songwriter and... more »

Marco Pirroni

Marco Francesco Andrea Pirroni is an English guitarist, songwriter and record producer. He has... more »

Marcos Curiel

Marcos Curiel is the guitarist of rock bands P.O.D., The Accident Experiment and Daylight... more »

Marcos Hernandez

Marcos Hernandez was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1982 and raised in Dallas, Texas. He worked at... more »

Marcus Ashley

Marcus Ashley is an Actor. more »

Marcus Brosch

Marcus Brosch is a German songwriter, record producer and remixer. Lacking success at playing... more »

Marcus Hummon

Marcus Spencer Hummon is an American country music artist. After several years of playing in... more »

Marcus Killian

Marcus Killian is a composer. more »

Marcus Mumford

Marcus Oliver Johnstone Mumford is an English musician, best known as the lead singer of the... more »

Marcus Reeves

Marcus Reeves is a London based songwriter and performer. He studied at Central St. Martins... more »

Marcus Strickland

Marcus Strickland is a jazz soprano, alto and tenor saxophonist who grew up in Miami, Florida... more »

Marcus Vest

Seven Aurelius born Marcus Vest, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer most noted for... more »

Marcy Heisler

Marcy Heisler is a musical theater writer and performer. As a performer, she has performed at... more »

Marcy Klauber

Marcy Klauber is a writer and screenwriter. more »

Margaret Berger

Margaret Berger is a Norwegian electropop singer-songwriter. She made her debut on Sony BMG... more »

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