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N'Dea Davenport

N'Dea Davenport is an American born recording artist, songwriter, dancer, performer and... more »

N'Faly Kouyaté

N'Faly Kouyate is a Guinean musician. He is a member of the Mandinka ethnic group of West... more »

N.O. Joe

Joseph Johnson, known by his stage name N.O. Joe, is a musician, multi platinum Grammy Nominated... more »


Natasha Watkins, better known by her stage name Na'sha, is an American R&B singer and... more »


Nabiha Bensouda is a Danish singer-songwriter who has gained attention after releasing three... more »

Nabila Qandil

Nabila Qandil is a monologist and songwriter. more »

Nacha Guevara

Nacha Guevara is an Argentine singer-songwriter, dancer and actress from Mar de Plata, Buenos... more »

Nacho Peregrín

Nacho Peregrín is a Lattin Grammy nominated songwriter. more »

Nacio Herb Brown

Nacio Herb Brown was an American writer of popular songs, movie scores, and Broadway theatre... more »

Nadav Levitan

Nadav Levitan was an Israeli film director, screenwriter, writer and songwriter. He directed... more »

Nadia Turner

Nadia Turner born January 11, 1977 is an American singer, songwriter, actress and... more »

Nadine Coyle

Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle is an Irish singer, songwriter, actress, and model who rose to... more »

Nadine Crocker

Nadine Crocker is an actress, model, writer, singer, songwriter. more »

Nadine Robinson

Nadine Robinson is a songwriter. more »

Nadine Sutherland

Nadine Sutherland is a Jamaican reggae singer whose early career was nurtured by Bob Marley. She... more »

Nadja Benaissa

Nadja Benaissa is a German singer, songwriter, and occasional actress. She rose to fame in late... more »


Nataly Rivera best known as Naëla Bogota, Colombia; July 17, 1990, is a Colombian singer, author... more »

Naim Popal

Naim Popal is an Afghani singer, songwriter, and composer. In 2006, Popal returned to perform... more »


Namewee or Wee Meng Chee; is a Malaysian Chinese of Hainanese descent. He is widely known as... more »

Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro is a Japanese R&B singer, fashion icon and former actress who at the height of her... more »

Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki is a Japanese singer-songwriter and voice actress represented by the agency Sigma... more »

Naná Vasconcelos

Naná Vasconcelos is a Brazilian Latin jazz percussionist, vocalist and berimbau player, most... more »

Nanci Griffith

Nanci Caroline Griffith is an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter, reared in Austin,... more »

Nancy Moran

Nancy Moran is an American folk-rock singer-songwriter, based in Nashville, Tennessee. She... more »

Nancy Nova

Carol Ann Holness, better known by her stage name Nancy Nova, is a singer and songwriter from... more »

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