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A. David Marshall

A. David Marshall is a music, film and sound editor. more »

Aaron Baron

Aaron Baron is a sound editor. more »

Aaron Diecker

Aaron Diecker is a Sound editor and sound effects editor. more »

Aaron Ellis

Aaron Ellis is a sound editor. more »

Abigail Savage

Abigail Savage is a film sound editor, sound designer and actress. more »

Adam Hawk

Adam Hawk is a sound designer and mixer. more »

Adam Parrish King

Adam Parrish King is a sound editor. more »

Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor is a film and sound editor. more »

Adam West

Adam West is a sound editor more »

Adan D. Sanchez

Adan D. Sanchez is a film sound editor. more »

Addison Teague

Addison Teague is a sound editor. more »

Adriano Machado

Adriano Machado is a Sound Editor. more »

Adrienne Alexander

Adrienne Alexander is a former American actress, voice actress and a sound editor. She may be... more »

Agnes Ravez

Agnes Ravez is a sound editor. more »

Aiym Ibragimova

Aiym Ibragimova is a sound editor. more »

Ajae Clearway

Ajae Clearway is a film producer, film director and sound editor. more »

Akil Wilson

Akil Wilson is a sound editor. more »

Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr

Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr is a film score composer. more »

Al Decker

Al Decker is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

Al Kajita

Al Kajita is a sound editor. more »

Alan Bromberg

Alan Bromberg works in film and television in the sound department. more »

Alan Robert Murray

Alan Robert Murray is a sound editor. He won the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing in 2006... more »

Alan Splet

Alan Splet was a sound designer and sound editor. In 1979, he won an Oscar for his work on the... more »

Alan Zilli

Alan Zilli is a sound editor. more »

Alastair McIntyre

Alastair McIntyre was a sound and film editor. more »

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