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Madhu Apsara

Madhu Apsara is a screenwriter and film score composer. more »

Marc Doisne

Marc Doisne is a sound engineer. more »

Marc-Antoine Beldent

Marc-Antoine Beldent is a sound engineer. more »

Maricetta Lombardo

Maricetta Lombardo is a sound department contributor. more »

Mario Rodrigue

Mario Rodrigue is an Audio Engineer. more »

Mark Hawley

Mark Hawley is an English recording engineer married to singer-songwriter Tori Amos. more »

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a record producer, sound engineer and film director. more »

Mark Sutton

Mark Sutton is a composer, TV editor and screenwriter. more »

Marni L. Hammett

Marni Hammett is a Sound Engineer. more »

Martin Jensen

Martin Jensen is an American sound engineer. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the... more »

Masakazu Kamiya

Masakazu Kamiya is a film sound recordist. more »

Masaru Usui

Masaru Usui is a sound engineer. more »

Matt Kowalsky

Matt Kowalsky is a music producer, club DJ and DVJ, composer, remixer and sound engineer. more »

Matthew Fink

Matthew Fink is a South-African record producer, sound engineer and musician. more »

Matthew Wood

Matthew Russell Wood is an American sound engineer and employee of Skywalker Sound. For the last... more »

Med Ojastro

Med Ojastro is a sound engineer. more »

Michael Levine

Michael Levine is a film sound engineer. more »

Michael McClain

Michael McClain is a music producer, singer, songwriter and sound engineer. more »

Michel Barlier

Michel Barlier is a sound engineer. more »

Mick Guzauski

Nathan "Mick" Guzauski is a multi-platinum Mixing Engineer and sound engineer. Guzauski's work... more »

Miitri Aaltonen

Miitri Aaltonen on suomalainen, lappeenrantalaissyntyinen muusikko, tuottaja ja äänittäjä. Hän... more »

Mikes Damalas

Mikes Damalas is a sound artist. more »

Murat Senürkmez

Murat Senürkmez is a sound engineer. more »

Murray Jarvis

Murray Jarvis was a MGM sound engineer. more »

Myeong-soo Han

Myeong-soo Han is a sound engineer. more »

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